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Laughing Liberally TONIGHT

While the current health care is bringing most of us to tears, our Laughing Liberally comedians are helping us laugh about it. Check out Harry Terjanian and Lee Camp as they make light of the often depressing health care debate.

For more comedy, come to Laughing Liberally tonight.

The Laughing Liberally Intern Show
Wed, June 24 - 9 pm

Laughing Liberally invites you to come out for an evening of laughs about copy machines, underpaid work, and the politics of intern life.

Join Laughing Liberally and interns from dozens of progressive organizations and campaigns for an evening of internship humor, political punchlines, and a lineup of comedians from Comedy Central, The Onion, CNN, and MTV.

Lee Camp
Harry Terjanian
Katie Halper
Elon James White
Costaki Economopoulos
Hari Kondabolu
Juliet Jeske

Admission: $10 or $5 for progressive interns and staff who RSVP in advance to [email protected]

The Tank - 354 West 45th St btw 8th & 9th

Smoke & Mirrors

One of our spies snuck into a meeting of the evil right-wing organization HAARM (Healthy Americans Against Reforming Medicine) last week and uncovered a nasty plot to undermine our efforts toward healthcare reform. Watch, and prepare to be shocked, disgusted and amused.

Looking to freak yourself out even MORE? Check these out:

Laughing Liberally Recap

Here's a recap from last Wednesday's Laughing Liberally show that was partnered with the United States Students Association (USSA). Check out comedians Harry Terjanian, Scott Blakeman, Myq Kaplan, Elon James White, and Lee Camp as they tackle topics like college, Sonia Sotomayor, the end of racism, and health care.

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Check out Laughing Liberally's upcoming events:

6/24 Laughing Liberally Intern Show, 9pm
Laughing Liberally comedians take on office politics at an event aimed at connecting interns and staff at progressive organizations.

7/15 A Supreme Night of Comedy, 7:30pm
Laughing Liberally commentary in honor of Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation hearings.

All events held at:
The Tank - 354 West 45th St btw 8th and 9th

Virginia High Schooler Suspended for Birth Control

By Lee Camp

Check out this video about a Virginia high school girl suspended 2 weeks for birth control:

The Idiot's Guide to Paying for Health Care Reform

By Lee Camp

Check out this video. Laughing Liberally comedian Lee Camp provides clarity on the health care reform debate:

Thats What's Wrong with Black People

Laughing Liberally To Keep From Crying
by Elon James White

If you happen to have perused the latest Rolling Stone you might have come across an interesting comment by celebrated Black academic Dr. Cornell West:

That's not my calling. Yeah, brother, you find me in a crack house before you find me in the White House. I'll go into the crack house before I ever go that far inside.

Dr. West was answering a question about whether he would ever accept a position in the Obama adminstration's White House. On the surface this might seem like the rebel response. No, he won't join the institution that is holding down Black people across the land. He is a free thinker who will not be bound by a country who still doesn't take the plight of all of its citizens seriously.

Or you could see this for what it is. Sheer lunacy.

The Best Fundraiser Pettiness Can Buy

Who knew that Al Franken wasn't the Minnesota Senate candidate who'd get the biggest laughs?

Before Al was the perpetual-nearly-seated-Senator, he was most famous for Saturday Night Live and "Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot." So we expected his campaign would be, well, funny.

Turns out Al ran a serious, focused campaign that upset an incumbent and will have placed him in the US Senate, once the shenanigans pass.

Not so funny.

His opponent, though, Norm Coleman, continues to deliver the he does in this video, brought to us by our friends at Norm Dollar:

Yes, that's Norm signing autographs as he's being told that progressives have pledged a dollar a day for each day he remains a sore loser. The campaign is up to $100,000...and Norm's pettiness remains the norm.

Thanks for the laughs, Norm...though in the end Al will have a big guffaw, because he who laughs last laughs loudest.

Wiping Our Arses with The Planet

Because environmental issues can be very... personal, we thought we'd share the latest from Laughing Liberally regular contributor Lee Camp.

Rush Limbaugh On The Progressive Magazine Conference

by Matt Filipovicz, Chicago Laughing and Drinking Liberally

What would you do if you had the chance to meet an all-star line up of liberals including Robert Redford, Amy Goodman, Howard Zinn, Naomi Klein, Russ Feingold, Tammy Baldwin, Dennis Kucinich, Cindy Sheehan, Jim Hightower, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Katrina vanden Heuvel and many, many more?

What if you had the chance to meet them all in one place and all in one weekend?

And what if that weekend also happened to be celebrating the 100 year anniversary of one of the finest liberal publications in the country, the Progressive?

Well, if you're anything like me, you'd head to Madison, Wisconsin May 1st and 2nd for the Progressive Magazine Conference.

If you're like Rush Limbaugh, however, you'd probably advise your ditto-heads to avoid Madison at all costs.