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The one video that every liberal must watch today:


MoveOn's new ad with Boy Meets World's Rider Strong. This will be the first political ad to run on Comedy Central. And it's pretty funny too.

Is Barack Obama Jewish? Shocking new evidence!

by Lee Camp, Laughing Liberally

IS BARACK OBAMA A JEW??? It's the internet rumor that the Obama campaign has been unable to quash (because we just started it). Recent photos of Senator Obama wearing traditional Jewish garb have raised a lot of questions about the candidate's religious background. Most obvious, of course, is the Jewish device pictured on Obama's head. This item is called a "yarmulke" (pronounced: Jew-ma-ka). However, there are many other pieces of evidence in the photograph that suggest Obama is "of the tribe," as the Jews say when they're alone in their secret caves.

1. Yarmulke

2. Master Jew in close proximity to Barack Obama. Only fellow Jews are allowed near Master Jews. (Or this might just be Obama's accountant.)

3. Secret Jew message placed in crevice of Jewian monument. These messages are how the Jewish people secretly communicate with each other. (You know who else makes use of secret communications? Nazis. Also, warlocks.)


4. Senator Obama's first name is "Barack," which is a Jewy name. In fact, Israel's former Prime Minister is named Ehud Barak. Furthermore, the word "baruch" is the first word in most Jewish prayers (or curses). Loosely translated "baruch" means "death to non-Jews."

5. Obama attended a Jewian socialist elementary school, or "kibbutz," once when he was ten. He claims he only needed to use their restroom, but witnesses say he stayed for nearly three hours.

6. Although he grew up relatively poor, Senator Obama's recent book earned him upwards of $100 million. You know who else has a lot of money? Jews.

7. The name "Obama" sounds similar to "Ahabah," and Beth Ahabah is a common name for a synagogue. Synagogues are where the Jews hold their cult-like ceremonies including genital mutilation on babies.

And perhaps most damning of all...when you vandalize a photo of Barack Obama by drawing peyos and a black hat, he looks totally Jewish.

In the face of this shocking evidence, voters must decide how they really feel about Senator Baruch Ahabah. Would a God-hating money-grubbing Jew make for a good president? Let us answer that with two words: Jew Lieberman.

Netroots Nation 2008: Caucus Refugee with Katie Halper

In case you don't believe Chris O'Reilly's claim that the Netroots Nation is like a "Klan gathering" and as hateful as the Nazis, check out this video I'm in. Five Steps Forward Media and I expose the Nazism! Why are they so hateful towards me and my people? You'll notice there is no Gypsy Caucus either, a group the Nazis tried to exterminate. What say you? Coincidence? I think not!

Screening Liberally Watch of the Day

An effective way to joke about Obama:

The REAL Rejected McCain New York Times OpEd

by Lee Camp,

Morristown Laughs Liberally

Morristown Laughing Liberally host Michael Hayne gives us a rundown of their latest Laughing Liberally Lab:

I am happy to report an extremely successful and solid lab at Danny's Pub in Morristown, NJ. We had a very enthusiastic, supportive and eclectic crowd of organizers, activists, bloggers, and Tom Wyka (Tom Wyka is a Democratic candidate in the 2008 congressional elections for the 11th Congressional District US Congress)--amounting to total of thirty-plus.

We had a very smart and talented group of comics that kept the two and a half hour show alive with their lively pontifications, including an amazing 20 min set from Nasry Malik of CNN and Comedy Central. Plugging all the relevant Living Liberally activities and keeping exuberance high with the telling of anecdotes, Kevin O' Driscoll did an excellent job as host! The highlight of the evening, however, was putting up a very special political guest in Joey Novick. Joey is an attorney, professional stand-up comedian, professional keynote speaker, and a former elected official in NJ. He resides in Flemington, New Jersey, where currently serves as the
as the Chairman of the Flemington Democratic Party

Stay Tuned for Future Labs!

Will do. Glad it went well.

Gore Proves Global Warming by Sweating Profusely, and Nine Other Things I Learned at the Netroots Nation/KKK Gathering

(Written in satire. A literal trasnlation for the tonally impaired is available upon request.)

This weekend I went to Austin, Texas, to attend the third annual Netroots [Aryan] Nation, the convention formerly known as Yearly Kos and recently called a "Klan gathering" by Bill O'Reilly. I agree with O'Reilly that "including the Nazis and the Klan... there is not a more hateful group in the country than the Daily Kos People." I too hate this hateful conference, which encourages democracy, open politics, participatory democracy, grass roots organizing and other Nazi-ish thing. But I attend each year, under the guise of a Laughing Liberally comic and Living Liberally leader, in order to counter the lies of the liberal media, who receive their talking points and marching orders directly from Subcomandante Markos [Moulitsas]. I go because somebody needs to document the atrocities that are ignored by the appeasement era press and distorted by the Netroots deniers. I go to show the world the truth. I go to say Never Again.

So, here are some of the things you won't hear from the liberal media about the four-day gathering of over 2,000 progressive bloggers, journalists, politicians and activists.

1. The netroots are so vicious that Obama was forced to flee to the relative safety of Afghanistan.

2. The netroots are reconsidering their position on FISA. Although they were disappointed with Obama's vote and his absence from the conference, they have now realized that thanks to the new FISA law, Obama could hear everything they said.

3. The surprise guest was no surpirse. Everyone knew the surprise guest would be Al Gore. Duh! He is the inventor of the series of tubes known as the internets.

4. Al Gore proved global warming is real, beyond the shadow of a doubt. I'll admit it, I was a skeptic about global warming. But that was before I saw Al Gore speak live. Because what An Inconvenient Truth doesn't capture, is Gore's presence, energy, and sweat. After watching Gore sweat in an air-conditioned convention hall, it is impossible not to believe in global warming.

5. Al Gore is anti-American. During his speech, Gore mentioned wind turbines several times. Well, wind baseball caps are fine with me, Mr. Vice President. Love it or leave it!

6. The Socialist Party made a debut at the Convention. The convention has had Democrats and recovering Republicans. But this year for the first time, with Nancy Pelosi's attendance, the conference hosted a member of the Socialist Party.

7. Nancy Pelosi has sound judgment (for a Socialist). The Speaker of the House is a radical San Franciscan and a pusher of the Homosexual agenda, Yet when she spoke in Austin, Pelosi demonstrated sound judgment and astute reasoning through her vibrant mint green pants suit, a tasteful Clinton-Cleavage-free blouse, neutral but elegant tan heels, and warm honey highlights.

8. Donna Edwards does not belong in politics. If I learned anything from Representative Edwards' keynote speech, it's that she is too honest, hard-working, passionate, genuine, inspired, and inspiring to be in Congress. What is she thinking?

9. Contrary to popular belief, bloggers do have a sense of humor. The Netroots Nation gift bags included condoms.

10. John McCain should not be misunderestimated by the netroots. After all, McCain is already "aware of the internet." By next year's convention in Pittsburgh, the maverick may know how to get online.

The Phil Gramm Show

We at Living Liberally are all about the intersection of film and politics. That's what Screening Liberally is all about. We especially love it when we find out that politicians are into movies too and today, HuffPo taught us that our latest political film buff is none other that McCain's former top economic adviser Phil Gramm!

Gramm's journey into porn began in 1973, when his brother-in-law, George Caton, rushed to tell him about an exciting low-budget soft-core production called Truck Stop Women. A promo poster for the film boasted of its buxom stars: "No Rig Was Too Big For Them To Handle." Caton, who was in charge of fundraising for the production, asked Gramm to become an investor. To entice his brother-in-law, Caton showed him scenes of Playboy Playmate of the year Claudia Jennings displaying her bare essentials (she is naked throughout much of the film).

These scenes "really got Phil titillated," Caton told journalist John Judis in 1995. Gramm enthusiastically cut Caton a check for $15,000. Because the film was oversold, however, Caton returned his brother-in-law's money, offering him an investment opportunity in an upcoming feature.

The following year, Gramm sent Caton a check for $15,000, this time to finance the production of Beauty Queens, a soft-core flick about pageant judges having sex with contestants. But at the last moment, the director of Beauty Queens, Mark Lester, decided to shelve his production to make the sequel to his Tricia's Wedding, a comedy starring the drag queen troupe, The Cockettes.

Because there's nothing conservatives likes more than comedic drag queen troupes.

Daily Round-Up: Get Along, Little Lemmings!

1. Salon and Slate both weigh in on why they don't think the New Yorker cover is a big deal ; meanwhile, the New York Times reports on why no one wants to joke about Obama.

2. Huffington Post blogger (and Brandeis University sophomore) Nathan Robinson agreed to watch FOX News for 24 hours straight.

3.Free Ride author Paul Waldman linked to this complete list of McCain flip-flops in his article about McCain and the media.

4. Alternet ranked the top ten worst things McCain has done...this week.

5. Elsewhere, the feud between comedian and VH1 "fundit" Michael Ian Black and Tucker Max (the I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell guy) stretches on.

The Jed Report

Must link for sake of awesomeness.