The Personal(s) Is Political

Loving Liberally In All The Left Places
by Katie Halper

What's a liberal girl gotta do to get a date around here? I mean it's Valentine's day and I don't have anyone with whom I can share my bleeding heart, exchange fair trade chocolates, recite the poems of Pablo Neruda, celebrate Valentine's Day, and, of course, more importantly, V-Day and Freedom To Marry day. Sadly, you really can't judge a book-- or zine or manifesto-- by its cover. Someone who makes all the right moves politically can make all the wrong moves romantically, as I've learned from many a bad date. Having no luck in my search for Mister Right, or Mr. Left, I decided to search on-line for liberal-friendly dating sites, in the hopes that by taking action, I could get some action. Well, here's what I found:

1. Act For Love stole my aforementioned pun and uses "Take Action. Get Action" as their motto. The site is basically a hipster wolf in an activist sheep's clothing. All it is is a filtered version of the people who are already members of the on-line dating consortium shared by, The Onion, Time Out NY, and Village Voice. So if it's snarky love you're looking for, you may be in luck (and get lucky.)

2. Singles bills itself as a place to "find others who Care2 make a difference for good causes!" The site is part of, the environmentally oriented search engine, forum and directory, with a shopping service that donates a portion of its sales to environmental and progressive causes. This site is not for the rabid horn-dog, because it bombards you with petitions before letting you get to their personals page. But I guess that's a good way to filter out the committed activists from the commitment-phobic wam bam thank you mam'ers. I don't know about the romance potential, but the site is great so I joined anyway. Their motto should be Singles: come for the free online dating, stay for the free e-mail account, blog, photo sharing, and action alerts.

3. There are tons of vegan and veggie dating sites for people looking to give or get a hot tofurky injection. Veg Connect describes itself as "Free Vegan and Vegetarian Personals - Make Rad Friends and Meet Awesome Singles." The site features Peta's Don't Be A Milk Sucker campaign a cautionary tail which demonstrates how milk harms people, through Garbage Pail Kids-resembling milk victims like Chubby Charlie, Lactose Intolerant Latoya, Ear Infection Enrique, Windy Wanda, and Pimply Patty. I also caught the surprisingly funny pro- animal, anti-veal, mafia spoof movie Veal: Fughedaboutit. So if you're a meat eater, or a milk sucker, you may want to "fughedabout" this site.

I would have liked to have ended this post with an encouraging 'So what are you waiting for? Liberal love is only a username, password, and "why you should get to know me" description away.' But I guess my mother was right: a good liberal online dating site is hard to find.

For now, Let's just hope I'm not forced to "pull a Leberman" (switch teams) and sign up on Republican Passions (even if it is an oxymoron), or Hannidate (brought to you by the lovable Sean Hannity)