About Living Liberally

Living Liberally is dedicated to creating communities around progressive politics. Through social networks and events, we promote political engagement, and facilitate collaboration among progressive organizations. In your everyday routine and social life, you can be Living Liberally.

We believe that our political identity should be part of our regular lives. Too often politics is restricted to one day every four years, or too long, uninviting meetings in fluorescent-lit, linoleum-floored rooms.

Instead, we take our politics where we gather, socialize, learn, love and live. We create easy entryways into progressive political involvement, where you can find a community that shares your values.

In-person contact is the key to cultivating this social capital. Living Liberally is built upon networks of local gatherings -- from weekly meetings in bars to groups screenings of progressive films. These projects include:

Drinking Liberally - our national network of social clubs

Laughing Liberally - our political comedy project

Screening Liberally - our politically-conscious film series

Eating Liberally - our gatherings of good gab and great grub

Talking Liberally - our interviews and forums featuring progressive ideas

Reading Liberally - our book tours of progressive authors

We have also had special events including: Rocking Liberally (music), Singing Liberally (karaoke), Podcasting Liberally (online radio shows),Loving Liberally (Valentine's Day), Bowling Liberally (better than "Bowling Alone"), Cycling Liberally and more...

And more recently, Crafting Liberally kicked off in New York, and Shooting Liberally invited First Amendment enthusiasts to try their hands at the Second.

Have an idea for an activity you want to do Liberally? Let us know.

Who is behind Living Liberally?

Living Liberally is a New York-based LLC, fueled by the volunteer energy of hundreds of friends and partners around the country.

Living Liberally formed from a marriage between Cosmopolity and Drinking Liberally, and used to be known simply as Cosmopolity. The previous Cosmopolity -- which created the online calendar and organized social events to create easy access into political engagement. Living Liberally was founded by David Alpert, Katrina Baker, Matthew O'Neill, and Justin Krebs. Drinking Liberally began as a gathering in the backyard of a Hell's Kitchen dive bar in 2003.

Katrina Baker is a co-founder of Living Liberally and its co-director. She partnered with Justin and Matt in the fall of 2004 to expand Drinking Liberally outside of New York City. Katrina orients and assists chapters and has done so while working and then studying law at Fordham University School of Law. At Fordham, she was a Stein Public Interest Scholar and received the NYS Bar Association Law Student Legal Ethics Award. She practices law in Manhattan. Prior to entering law school, Katrina worked on socially conscious television programming focusing on youth. She was raised in Western New York and graduated from Ithaca College.

Justin Krebs is a national director of Living Liberally and creative director of Laughing Liberally. He is a political organizer in New York City, and a founder and Artistic Director of The Tank, a non-profit venue for performance and public affairs. Past projects include managing a parks advocacy campaign and serving as Intern Coordinator for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Justin is a New Jersey native and graduate of Harvard University.

Matthew O'Neill is a co-founder and co-director of Living Liberally and Matthew O'Neill is an Emmy® Award winning and Academy Award ® nominated filmmaker working with Downtown Community Television Center (DCTV) in NYC. The 2006 documentary he produced and directed with Jon Alpert for HBO, "Baghdad ER," won a Columbia DuPont Award, a Peabody Award, an Overseas Press Club Award and four Primetime Emmy Awards. His other documentaries include the Emmy® nominated "Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq," the Emmy® nominated "Section 60: Arlington National Cemetery," and the Academy Award ® nominated "China's Unnatural Disaster." His reporting overseas has taken him from the steppes of Siberia to the scrap mines of Potosi in Bolivia and on to Turkey, China, Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Venezuela and North Korea. His work closer to home has won five New York Emmy Awards including prizes for "Best Political Journalism" and "Best Societal Concerns Program."

David Alpert is a co-founder and member of the Living Liberally National Leadership and built the original online tools for Living Liberally. He uses the power of democracy to foster technological innovation, and the power of innovation to improve democracy. He is also the founder and President of IPac (http://ipaction.org/), a political action committee dedicated to supporting the freedom to create and innovate. He was a Google Product Manager from 2001 to 2007, grew up in Acton, Mass. and is a graduate of Harvard University.

Josh Bolotsky was the National Program Coordinator for Living Liberally. He's a regular contributor on the politics of cinema and popular culture for OpenLeft.com, and has also written for The Huffington Post, AlterNet.org and Future Majority. Previously, he served as a Leadership Academy Fellow with Young People For, and as President of College Democrats of New York, where his efforts were covered by The Nation magazine as an example of effective campus organizing during the Bush years. He currently lives and works in New York City.

Mary Bruch is leader of Living Liberally's fundraising efforts ("Giving Liberally"). As a student at Barnard College, she chaired Columbia University Dance Marathon, one of the most successful student-run benefits in the country for pediatric AIDS research and treatment. She is now a non-profit development professional. During the last ten years, Mary has worked on political campaigns everywhere from Palm Beach County to Harlem.

Wendy Cohen co-founded the monthly film series Screening Liberally. Before joining the Huffington Post family in November 2006, Wendy was Outreach Coordinator at Arts Engine and programmer of the Media That Matters Film Festival. She was a Creative and Research assistant on the book The Art of the Documentary (Peachpit Press), guest curator at the IMPACT festival, and co-chair of Urban Pathways Young Professionals Board.

Katie Halper, a Laughing Liberally co-founder, performs in Laughing Liberally and in comedy shows across the country. Born and raised in New York, Katie is also an Artistic Director and Comedy Curator at The Tank. Her award-winning documentary La memoria es vaga, based on her undergraduate thesis at Wesleyan University, premiered at the Amnesty International Firefly Festival and has been screened in Spain and the U.S.

Greg Rae first imbibed at a Drinking Liberally in the summer leading up to the 2004 election. He is currently one of the leaders of Drinking Liberally Steps Out, the gay and lesbian themed chapter in Manhattan. In early 2005, he founded 22 by 7 Labs, an internet technology company. He is also a member of the Harvey Mudd College Board of Trustees and Alumni Association Board of Governors. He is a native of Napa, California.

Kerry Trueman co-founded Eating Liberally to extend her professional work as a food writer into activism after she got sick of getting chastised for being "too political" as the food editor for Lime, a "healthy living" website launched by AOL founder Steve Case. A San Fernando Valley childhood in a Christian Science household left her an agnostic with an aversion to cars. Kerry was educated liberally at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville.

Matt Rosenberg runs a technology consulting business and is co-founder/co-chef of Eating Liberally as well as Hudson River Valley community preservation site rhinecliff.org. A lifelong foodie, he ran a charcuterie business while studying journalism at NYU; his clients include Annie Leibovitz and Mario Batali. Matt and Kerry constructed a garden on the roof of their West Village apartment which was featured in Garden Design magazine.

John Erhardt coordinates the Colorado Living Liberally chapters and hosts the Denver chapter of Drinking Liberally. John is a web developer working on sites for non-profits, NGOs, and government.

Chris Flowers
Chris is a Living Liberally field organizer and founder of the current Northern Kentucky Drinking Liberally chapter in Newport, KY. Chris works at the Cincinnati Museum Center whose Art Deco building was the inspiration for the Hall of Justice, the fictional headquarters of the Super Friends. When not working at the Hall of Justice, Chris volunteers with organizations that promote social justice such as University of Cincinnati's Racial Awareness Program, Power Inspires Progress, and the Human Rights Campaign's local Diversity Subcommittee.

Amie Hollis started DL Nashville in the summer of 2005, after reading about DL on a liberal blog and discovering Tennessee was without a chapter. Her sneaking suspicion that there were other lefties in the Southeast having been confirmed, she now helps out as a DL field organizer.

Bill Nothstine is Living Liberally Field Organizer for the Pacific Northwest Region (OR, WA, AK, and HI). He's a writer, editor, former consultant for nonprofits, and a renegade professor who began blogging on politics and the media the same month he joined the Portland OR chapter of Drinking Liberally, December 2004. He was the chapter host from 2006 to 2008.

Jeremiah Roth was born and raised in Utah, but it didn't take him long to realize his thoughts and ideas didn't fit in with the majority of other Utahn's. Feeling like he was the only liberal in Utah, he helped found the Salt Lake City chapter of Drinking Liberally to see if there were indeed other liberals, and he's happy to have discovered that there are many. Jeremiah works for DharmaTech, a small nonprofit that provides technology solutions to other nonprofits who align with DharmaTech's values of social justice and activism.

Linda Nelson is Field Organizer for the Upland South region which includes Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland and her home state of South Carolina. Linda started the Hilton Head/Bluffton Chapter in 2006 and enjoys bringing liberals together in the very conservative area of the country. Currently, Linda works for a healthcare software company in Marketing and Training. After raising four children, Linda now spends most of her free time volunteering for Drinking Liberally, Unitarian Universalist Association and local charity and political events.

Dan Henry founded the Idaho Falls chapter in April of 2006 after hearing about Drinking Liberally on Eschaton. Idaho Falls is a very red area of the country, and the Idaho Falls chapter takes that as a challenge. The chapter's accomplishments include running a soup kitchen one day per month, hosting an annual Loving Day Celebration and Progressive Awards Banquet, creating a Drinking Liberally float in the Independence Day parade, and fundraising at the state fair with a Dunk-a-Liberal tank. Dan is an engineer at the Idaho National Laboratory when he's not a drunken moonbat.

Bill Poorman is the Drinking Liberally field organizer for the state of Illinois. He's also the host of the Drinking Liberally chapter in Peoria. Bill is a stay-at-home dad who works part-time at keeping his journalism and media production career going until the kids are in school all day. ("One more year!") Drinking Liberally is his first venture into politically oriented organizing. Bill is a life-long resident of the Great Lakes region, having lived in the Akron, Ohio, area; the Detroit area; the Chicago area; and in downstate Illinois. Bill currently lives in Morton, Ill., with his wife and two children.

Steve Timmer has been a practicing lawyer for over thirty five years; he's mostly retired now. Always interested in the intersection of politics and the law, he now has the time to do some writing, blogging, and video making on the Constitution, and the First Amendment in particular, federalism, "states' rights," and the Tenth Amendment, and the politics of his home state, Minnesota. Steve is the host of the Minneapolis - St. Paul chapter of Drinking Liberally, and he recently became a field organizer for Living Liberally.