Anti-War Reps Face Executive Intimidation

While significant economic troubles continue to dominate our national attention, it is all too easy to forget that American forces are actively involved in two wars in the Middle East. The Obama administration has made earnest (though perhaps unsatisfying) efforts to pull troops out of the Iraqi quagmire, but these uniformed women and men may find themselves leap-frogging from Iraq to Afghanistan.

Check out how the administration has attempted to sway several House Dems opposed to troop escalation by threatening to pull support from freshmen representatives.

Coercive measures by the executive branch cannot be tolerated and our anti-war representatives must know they have our support. Those of us serious about ending American imperialism in the Middle East need to push President Obama to reconsider his position on Afghanistan.

Once upon a time, there was

Once upon a time, there was a war raging in Vietnam. Many people were against this war, but it dragged on and on. Our U.S.troops did everything asked of them and more, and the people started to blame them for 'losing that war' though there was never a plan to 'win' that very war. A large anti-war movement existed at the time and Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW),was a very prominent and effective group within that movement.World opinion too was on the side of ending that war. Richard Nixon was then President and was forced by the anti-war movement and public opinion to both end the draft and to start to withdraw U.S.troops from Vietnam and eventually that war ended under the next President, Gerald Ford, only when Congress finally had heard enough from WE THE PEOPLE, and cut off all funding for that war.Today we have a heroic mass of US troops stuck in quagmire wars in bot Afghanistan and Iraq. These troops too have done everything and more that we have asked them too. Today we have a smaller anti-war movement, but many polls indicate that Iraq Veterans Agaisnt The War and other groups for bringing both bloody wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, are again supported and agreed with by a vast majority of the population.John Lennon once said; "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one" when he 'imagined' that we could all live in peace and as one, and I believed him then as now. We The People can and will change this dual war situation, only when we all 'come tgether' and force our leaders to heed our demands. Peace, love and Semper Fi! MarchMarine17

All you anti-war Reps stand

All you anti-war Reps stand your ground. You were elected to represent the people, not the hench men of the Pres. Untill these war mongers want to trade places with our Troops tell them all to go to HELL. Its all about protecting the oil companies and the natural gas, thats all its ever been about. Lives don't matter, soul suffering doesn't matter its about greed and power folks.