Buchanan's Racist Rhetoric Infects News

While the Sotomayor confirmation hearings are finally finished, a larger discussion regarding diversity on the Supreme Court and, more broadly, in America, is being by waged on cable news. Pat Buchanan, in his quest to retain some semblance of relevance, has been all over the 24-hour networks to advocate for “disempowered” white males.

Buchanan sees affirmative action as a policy “to increase diversity by discriminating against white males.” But he fails to realize white men have been the beneficiaries of preferential policy in America for hundreds of years.

Jed Lewison, writing over at the DailyKos, has done some fact-checking and spin-alysis on Buchanan’s regressive rhetoric. He writes:

“Buchanan ignores the massive contributions of non-whites to America's development. He offers no recognition to the slaves whose labor was essential for such a long period of time and he fails to address contributions made by other immigrant groups such as Chinese-Americans who helped build the rail system, or Latinos who are an important part of the agricultural economy today. Perhaps the real problem with Pat Buchanan's narrative of America is that he views everything through a racial and ethnic filter.”

Check out Lewison’s full article here.

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