The Living Liberally Annual Celebration: Saturday, May 7th


Living Liberally supports hundreds of gatherings around the country, giving liberals the opportunity to find their community wherever they are.

We do this with an all-volunteer staff -- and with your support.

Help us continue Living Liberally! Every dollar helps us continue this work.

On May 7th in New York City, we're hosting our 5th Annual Living Liberally Celebration. We'll be honoring the Honorable Alan Grayson and the organization Color of Change. Join the fun.

And if you can't make it, make a donation to support a local activist to attend -- and to support Living Liberally.

Living Liberally in Boehner Country

I host a Drinking Liberally in Butler Co., OH where John Boehner lives. Does that sound impossible? Our monthly social gathering takes place in a pub (Riverbank Cafe') owned by a liberal. We now have between 20-30 people show-up after a year and a few months. Some are regulars. Some are not.

Here's the beauty of it. People who would never go to a meeting, fundraiser or volunteer event attend DL. They meet pals at DL. Before you know it, they're volunteering because they like to be among friends. As host, I never ask them to do anything, but other liberal D party leaders attend, and they get to know each other. That's how it happens.

It works. Thank you for the great plan.

-Donna Mollaun