Re-Thinking the War on Drugs

Think federal spending is mismanaged or out of control?

Here’s your chance to back worthwhile spending reforms!

Congress has begun debating the allocation of funds for foreign policy initiatives, and the quagmire that is our “war on drugs” is on the table. Our representatives must decide whether or not we will continue the status-quo, throwing money at violent state militias and relatively inefficient pesticides (through defunct and misguided programs like Plan Colombia & Plan Mexico) to fight the booming drug trade, which decimates populations here and abroad with more than just the burden of drug abuse--or to reform our approach and address the true evils at work, namely the oppressive social, political and economic conditions that waste our tax dollars and force people into the trade.

From (thanks Rachel!):

The White House’s new drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske, has indicated that he’d like to stop using the “war on drugs” phrase to describe the Obama Administration’s counternarcotics strategy. Yet, the Administration’s proposed budgets for Colombia and Mexico show that changes in terminology have not meant changes in policy (see below). Now it’s on us to push Congress beyond words, to make 2010 the year we stop funneling billions in military aid to Colombia and Mexico.

You have a unique opportunity to do just that. From June 23 to July 3, your Congressional representative will be back in district offices near you—a prime chance to present in person the change you’d like to see. Please consider setting up a meeting with your representative or their local staff. Doing so isn’t hard. Just call the office nearest you and say you would like a meeting with your representative during the week of June 23 to discuss aid to Colombia and Mexico. (For further instructions, see below). We’ve prepared a list of talking points to inform your visit and a packet of recommended policy changes to leave behind with the staff. According to Congressional staffers, such in-person meetings have by far the most chance at influencing your representative’s positions—please schedule your meeting today.

If our Senators are really worried about misusing taxpayer dollars, then it's our job to make sure they carry that concern across all issues. Follow the link to get involved!