State Of The Union: Deep Twitter Thoughts on SOTU

BY KATIE HALPER, cross-posted from AlterNet.

Before the State Of The Union

  • kthalps: guys, the only way obama can repeal dont ask dont tell is if we dont ask dont tell. so shut up abt it. duh!

State Of The Union Starts

kthalps: I guess we’ll have accept third-place “I do not accept second-place for the United States of America.” -Barack Obama.#SOTU #Union address

  • kthalps: joe biden blinks a lot. Nancy Pelosi barely blinks. Between the two of them, they blink at an average rate. #SOTU
  • kthalps: did Joe Biden & Nancy Pelosi coordinate wearing purple (tie and suit, respectively)? And was that a reference 2 shades of blue/red = purple
  • kthalps: looks like America is united by collective desire to punish banks!
  • kthalps: u know Sandra Sotomayor had 2 use all self control 2 not slap Alito for saying “not true” #SOTU
  • kthalps: I wrote Sandra Sotomayor intentionally. I was honoring O’Conner 4 opening door for female judges like Sonia. DUH!

After SOTU

  • kthalps: Chris Matthews’ comments about forgetting Obama was black was so Matthewsian. #sotu

McDonnell Response

  • kthalps: Where did the Republicans find the three black people to stand behind Bob McConnell? #SOTU
  • kthalps: why does the asian guy in glasses behind mcconnell keep nodding? It’s like he’s a bobble head #SOTU
  • kthalps: sorry, make that mcdonnel. all white names look the same to me
  • kthalps:i think “we welcome ur ideas on facebook and twitter” was not a joke. But audience laughed. Awks
  • kthalps: oh snap! McConnel’s daughter was in the army. Can’t say that about Sasha or Malia, can you Barack Obama! Boooyakashah! #SOTU response
  • kthalps: oh nice! McDonnel is advocating torture! “foreign terror suspect given same rights as U.S. citizen” I love it when Republicans get rt to the point #SOTU response
  • kthalps: did they build this set especially for McDonnel’s speech? #SOTU response

Commentary after SOTU & response

  • kthalps: my mom on Anthony Weiner: “He was never married b4? Katie, find me a picture of his girlfriend online” #SOTU #thingsmymomsays
  • kthalps: david Axelrod needs to brush his eyebrows. They got all hot & bothered during #SOTU