What We're Thankful For

Drinking Liberally is thankful for the dynamic network of volunteer hosts around the country who have led chapters, built communities and turned this into a national phenomenon.

So it tickles us to know that they are thankful for DL as well. As John from Addison, Texas, wrote on The Texas Blue:

Being a chapter leader expanded my friend base, as well as political connections. It is also what drew me into the Denton County Democratic Party. Since then I have lead party committees, attended trainings, lead trainings, and even run for political office. If not for Drinking Liberally, and drinking... liberally... I may not have done these things. I may have still been sitting here stewing in my hate of all things George W. Bush and not having an effective outlet. Groups like Drinking Liberally provide an outlet for grassroots change.

Check out the rest of his post...and find something you will be thankful for at a chapter near you.