Your Daily News Round-up! (Global Drama Edition)

  • Patrick Martin of the Globe & Mail speculates as to whether the introduction of state-sponsored violence against peaceful protesters in Iran will cause support for the opposition (both foreign and domestic) to "peter out." On the other hand, Martin also wonders whether or not we are seeing the calm before the storm, as was the case during the early stages of the Islamic Revolution, which appeared defeated at first but gained momentum after a couple of years. However, one thing is unfortunately for certain: if the current regime succeeds in quelling these resounding voices, post-election Iran will be a terribly, terrifyingly different place.
  • Governor Mark Sanford (R-SC) tearfully admitted to having an affair yesterday after mysteriously disappearing from his post over Father's Day weekend, to "recharge"--in Argentina, even after his wife and four kids had known about the affair for over five months. Christine Pelosi pretty much summed it up in yesterday's Huffington Post, writing: "How many more Sanfords until the GOP decides to drop the hopelessly hypocritical opposition to privacy rights and marriage equality?" If you really enjoyed that uncomfortable moment, Politico's Daniel Libit put together a compilation of all the recent uncomfortable moments we've come to love over the past couple years.
  • Environmental groups are working against strengthening provisions to the Climate Change Bill in hopes that leaving it alone will make it 'more passable.'
  • North Korea threatens a nuclear "fire shower" for the United States in response to strengthened sanctions supported by the Obama Administration. CBS News notes increasing amounts of editorials imposing histrionics that seem to be inciting revenge rhetoric for the US' involvement in the Korean War (which took place almost 60 years ago) as justification for its aggression.
  • Obama praises Cuban dissidents for their pro-democracy activities and demands the release of all political prisoners. (SIDE NOTE: I just finished reading an incredible book by Armando Valladares, who spent over twenty years as a political prisoner in Castro's gulags-- HIGHLY recommended.)