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Living Liberally Blog

The Unpopularity Contest

The House Trumpcare bill is outlandishly unpopular
yet the Senate decided to make it even worse,
with deeper cuts to Medicaid and Medicare,
and still taking health care from tens of millions.

Trump himself is at record disapproval,
with a plurality of Americans wanting him impeached,
except for Congressional GOP who defend him,
and Congressional Dems who avoid the “I” word.

And the Republicans are so disliked
that they even lost a reliably red House seat.
Oh, wait. They didn’t. Democrats lost that one.

Either unpopularity isn’t enough to stop
Trump, the Republicans and their agenda,
or maybe this unpopularity contest isn’t over yet.

And Dems would do well to compete on populism
— instead of competing in unpopularity.

Be populist, pointed, provocative and popular
over a pint with some political pals
at your local, progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

America’s Pastime?

A congressional baseball game interrupted
by the deranged violence of a gunman.
Violent political protest cannot be tolerated,
yet in our society, gun violence too often is.

The Senate changes the rules of the game
to use unprecedented, undemocratic secrecy
to push a disastrous health care repeal
disregarding Senate protocol, American democracy,
and tens of millions whose health care is at stake.

Trump’s team weighs firing the special counsel,
Sessions is defiant about his own deceit,
and daily headlines make obstruction of justice
a new common feature in American politics.

It sure was nicer when baseball --
and also democracy -- were America’s pastime,
instead of violence, secrecy, watching angry tweets,
and unrelenting attacks on the Constitution.

Raise a glass to baseball and democracy,
to victims of yesterday's shooting
and to victims of gun violence everywhere,
as well as to those who defend our Constitution
at your local progressive social club.

Find, or start, a chapter near you.

Mmmmm … Peach …. Mint

The Republicans are trying to sneak through
a Trumpcare bill that takes away coverage
strips protections, raises premiums,
all to give tax breaks to the super rich.

Trump rejects the Paris accords
putting the US alongside Syria
and turning his back on the world,
on science and on a global threat.

Following London attacks,
Trump attacks the Mayor of London.
Following Iran attacks,
Trump attacks the Iranian people.

How do you even begin to confront
this threat to our nation and the world?
Resistance, advocacy, people power …
and maybe a hearty serving of Comey.

As testimony begins, grab a snack.
We recommend a peach … and a mint.
Mmmm….peach mint.

Let’s hope for something refreshing
to wash this terrible taste from our mouths.

In the meantime, enjoy the taste of friendship
and a cold beer … or a peach mint cocktail
at your local progressive social club.

Find or start a chapter near you

Tipping Points and Typos

Trump treats climate accords like a reality show
while his team treats climate change like a joke,
and regardless of his decision about Paris,
we’re at a tipping point that he could topple.

The deranged and hate-fueled murders in Portland
are only the latest in violent acts of hate,
while the Justice Department is more focused
on cracking down on civil rights and voting rights.

Kushner’s Kremlin coziness, obstruction of justice,
and Comey’s coming Congressional testimony,
are all connected pieces of a “House of Cards”
that’d put Frank Underwood to shame.

And yet as we face critical challenges
from the GOP plan to devastate health care
to a budget that suits kleptocrats and oligarchs,
one tweet steals the covfefe in all the headlines.

In reality, Trump’s tweets have become
the least offensive thing in his White House.
The tipping points are more critical than the typos.

Come talk and gawk, share and care,
as we tip our glass over tipping points and typos
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

They May Be “Right” But They Ain’t Right

The Republican rightwing plan for Trumpcare
would take healthcare from 23 millions,
end protections for pre-existing conditions,
and give a huge financial boost to the superrich.

The “conservative” Trump budget
slashes Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps,
public education, disease prevention …
and the amount the 1% pay into our society.

Trump brings his hypocrisy around the world,
while his team undermines democracy at home,
with each new revelation about Sessions, Flynn,
and the thickening web of lies and obstruction.

After months of the rightwing conservatives
demonizing journalists and praising aggression,
a Montana Republican candidate assaults a reporter.

These guys may call themselves “the right.”
But from there policies to their personas,
there’s something about them that just ain’t right.

From the heartbreaking attack in Manchester
to the violence in Syria to the refugee crisis,
to dangers and threats here at home,
we could use answers, not antics,
and right headed solutions, not rightwing pollution.

So share your reactions, prepare to tack action,
make a new relation, share a libation
at your local progressive social club.

Find, or start, a chapter near you

Easy Comey, Easy Go-ey

Easy Comey, Easy Go-ey

A special counsel will now investigate
Trump’s team’s ties to Russia,
a turnaround from days before
for Trump’s Department of Injustice.

Some Republicans have now joined
the call for Comey to testify publicly
following reports of memos
that Trump attempted to obstruct justice.

And Trump’s team knew about Flynn
even before he was given this job.
And Trump kept texting Flynn
even after he lost the job.

Nobody can no where this will lead,
whether obstruction will be his destruction,
investigations will turn to impeachment,
or if the GOP will show an appetite for the truth.

But we can be sure that more shoes will drop,
and that Trump’s overall fortunes may prove
to be easy Comey, easy Go-ey.

Just marvel, revel, wonder, and ponder
as you share a drink and what you think
at your local progressive social club.

Find, or start, a chapter near you.

Obstruction and Destruction

Trump seeks to obstruct justice by firing
the FBI director investigating Trump’s Russia ties
and Republicans will destroy their credibility
if they don’t demand investigations now.

The GOP seeks to destroy health care for millions
rather than trying to fix our flawed system,
unless we can obstruct the Senate
from going along with this cruel and unusual plan.

Trump has fired the Census chief,
kicked top scientists out of the EPA
lined up a roster of right wing judges,
and announced an investigation of "voter fraud."

We’re witnessing the obstruction of justice
and the destruction of all of us,
and the obfuscation that overwhelms us,
unless the Resistance can obstruct
the agenda of the Obstructor in Chief.

Ready to toast, roast, cheer or jeer,
join to lift your glass and raise your voice
at your local progressive social club.

Find, or start, a chapter near you.

Is Cruelty a Pre-existing Condition?

The Republicans are about to vote
to take health care from 24 million Americans
and end protections for pre-existing conditions
like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Trump is about to sign executive orders
granting permission to churches and charities
to get political, such as opposing LGBTQ rights,
with the tax-deductible donations they receive.

ICE pushes aggressive deportations,
the GOP pushes tax giveaways to the rich,
and yet they push against any investigations
into the truth behind Trump and Russia.

James Comey said he was “mildly nauseous”
that he might have influenced the election.
But “mildly” isn’t quite nauseous enough
for what’s happening in Washington right now.

And if the House repeals the ACA,
then there’s no help.
Because their cruelty is a pre-existing condition
for which it looks like there’ll be no treatment.

But we stumped Trump’s budget priorities so far,
we marched with pride on May Day,
and the Resistance will rise in response to repeal.

In the meantime, find camaraderie and conversation
as you share a much-needed drink
at your local progressive social club.

Find, or start, a chapter near you.

100 Daze

100 days into an administration failing and flailing,
rushing a vote on disastrous health care repeal,
releasing half baked tax plans, saber-rattling for a war,
making conflicting comments on NAFTA,
all to desperately score a "win" by the 100 day mark.

100 days into a White House that outright lies,
a Cabinet of billionaires, endless conflicts of interest,
attacks on the Constitution, free press, judges,
Muslims, immigrants, climate and government itself,
and constant revelations of Russian ties.

100 days of resistance rising in response,
at marches and airports, town halls and on phones,
blocking repeal, saying no to bans,
forcing Sessions' recusal and Bannon's demotion,
but facing new challenges every day.

The abnormality of this craze can put you in a haze,
the constant outrages can make you glaze,
and you might feel like this really marks 100 daze.

But we can't normalize this administration as a "phase."
For the next 100 days and beyond, the Resistance stays.
And the Resistance grows, until this administration goes.

Mark the days or escape the craze
as you raise a glass and raise you voice
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

We’ve Got to Work Our Ossoff

Is it more frightening that Trump
escalated military tensions with North Korea
or that the U.S. fleet was nowhere near
where the White House thought it was?

Is it satisfying to witness O’Reilly’s ouster
or infuriating since it’s taken 2 decades
of bad politics and abusive behavior
before he was removed from the air?

And as Tillerson threatens Iran,
Exxon tries to make Russian deals,
and ICE deports protected immigrants,
for every Trump agenda item we thwart
there are a dozen more outrages sprouting.

But then a progressive candidate
surges into first in a Republican district,
evidence that Trump can be trumped,
and Republicans may get thumped and dumped.

Trump may scare our butts off,
but we just have to work our Ossoff.

So if you’re ready to get off
on company, conversation and camaraderie
come lift a pint and make a point
at your local progressive social club.

Find, or start, a chapter near you.