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Other Fun Press

There have been events going on all around the country for the debates...and a few of them have gotten fun press.

The Salt Lake City chapter was covered by local TV -- you can see the article here (who knew that Utah residents were "Utahns"?!) and supposedly there's video but I'm too McCainiac in my tech skills to figure it out.

They make a nice contrast between how young progressives party, and how the young Republicans do it...which is also captured in this piece on Dutch TV. It's totally worth watching (the site's in Dutch, but click "Bekijk Item" to see it) as it juxtaposes the passed-appetizer, tie-wearing, buttoned-up conservatives with the sweatier, more raucous, more diverse party at The Tank (photo courtesy of Matt Stoller).

And lastly, a fun article out of Athens, Georgia about the local chapter. Because it's in a college town, it does a good job emphasizing that there are plenty of responsible ways to Drinking Liberally.

Booze, Boos & Camera Crews

There must have been something in the water at Rudy's...oh, right, it was beer.

The backyard where DL began 5 years ago was as packed as I've ever seen it -- and in addition to the Liberal Drinkers, there were some lurkers from the press. Three camera crews came by to get the DL perspective.

Here's what the local CBS station had to say (includes me being snide and former Living Liberally press guru Emily Farris doing a momentary Palin impression).

NY1 and Fox 5 were both there as well -- searching for NY1 footage now.

Did She Just Say "White Pajama"? No...She Didn't...

Last night was crazy in New York City. Drinking Liberally ended up hosting three events in Manhattan just to make sure we had enough space, and our venues still were packed.

Laughing Liberally comedian Elon James White captured the spirit of the night and repackaged it fast into today's episode of This Week in Blackness. Elon interviewed two groups of debate-watchers for their views: people of color, and white women.

Of course, white or black, man or woman, everyone shared one thing: they were drinking...liberally...

Presidential Nominees Gone Wild - Part 1

Laughing Liberally To Keep From Crying
by Katie Halper

Everyone in the office Living Liberally office is already excited/petrified/ambivalent/crouched over in empathy pain about tonight's debate. Though we wonder if it'll be as Jim Lehrer-y as last Friday's - to provide a quick recap, Katie Halper has kindly offered a flashback at the top ten debate moments thus far.

VP Debate Watch Games

As though seeing Biden v. Palin isn't enough fun are some party games that will turn your Debate Watch Night into a Debate Watch Fiesta.

Chief among them: Palin Bingo. (By sheer coincidence, we're told that friends of the sister of our intrepid Boise chapter leader created this little delight.)

When she says "trade missions," "glass ceiling" or the more obvious "Russia" and "maverick," it could bring you one tile closer to winning the game.

For those looking for fewer tiles and more drinks, check out Josh Nelson's drinking game rules. Including such faves as:

- Everytime Biden mentions a foreign leader he has met: sip wine -- every time he mentions a Senator as a friend: drink beer.

- When Palin claims she said "Thanks but no thanks" to the Bridge to Nowhere: Demand a new drink from your hosts, say "thanks but no thanks," and then when no one's looking, take it anyway, then claim you never wanted it.

(For more straight up sip / chug rules, visit Time Out New York's blog for their drinking game guidelines.)


One Who Talks Too Much vs. One Who Knows Too Little

Biden has been at the lead in the Senate
proposing alternatives to Bush's foreign policy.
Palin's unfamiliar with the Bush doctrine.
But to push her on that is elitist.

Biden pressed & opposed Roberts & Alito.
Palin can't name a Supreme Court decision
other than Roe that she supports or opposes.
But to call her out on that is aggressive.

Biden's record has been through public scrutiny.
Palin can't explain how being next to Russia
counts as foreign policy experience,
& won't even tell us what she reads.
But to press her on that would be sexist.

You have one candidate known for talking too much
who'll try to say a lot less to not be aggressive.
And one who knows so little she has nothing to say.

Biden'll be biding his time & Palin pale in comparison
...this could be the quietest debate ever....
or is that an elitist, sexist thing to suggest?

Nobody should have to watch alone, or sober,
so join the debate -- share a drink & a night
with your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

In NYC? Join our debate watch parties
at Rudy's - 9th btw 44th & 45th
or The Tank @ chashama - 217 East 42nd St.

How Choke Chokes

Screening Liberally Big Picture
by Josh Bolotsky

If you went to a public high school, then you've met this kid before. It's that simple.

You know the one - trying so hard to sell himself as the pervy class clown with a secret heart of gold. The routine is simple enough: he makes a few unsavory wisecracks cracks about gonorrhea during health class, but, when lunchtime rolls around, he can be found sitting alone at the table towards the back of the cafeteria, writing feverishly in a mead composition journal, trying so hard to look pained and, well, sensitive, earnest, quietly perceptive and bittersweetly melancholic without seeming too lugubrious.

In other words, hoping against hope that someone will ask him what, exactly, he's writing, so he can half-smile, blush as he looks at the floor and stage-mutters, "just some poem, it's not, I mean, it's nothing special." Hoping against hope that the inquisitor will let out a wide-eyed and wide-grinned non-ironic "Really...?" and beg to read it. And when, after much further faux-protestation, he gives in and does read a verse, the whole school, nay, the whole town will see what a vibrant, insightful heart he really has, will see that he's not just this joker in an 80s metal t-shirt - it just takes one poem read out loud in a cafeteria and they'll all overlook his awful remarks about his female classmates' bodies, all the gym class "joking" that really constituted a minor reign of terror, and just, somehow, write all of it off as a self-defense mechanism, will just know that he means well and is so inconceivably lonely.

McCain: Bailing, Ailing, Wailing, Flailing, Derailing

The Bush team wants to bail out its cronies
with a massive, unregulated, give-away
supervised by the guys that got us into this mess.

The GOP wants to bail on the American people,
fighting measures to support the middle class
while putting bailout burdens on taxpayer shoulders.

Meanwhile, McCain wants to bail out of the debates.
And if the economy's still rough on November 4th,
maybe he'll want to bail on the election as well.

But now that Palin's flailing, the GOP's wailing
& their desperate lies are derailing,
who's going to be bailing out John McCain?

At least we'll soon take back our ship of state
...then we can really start bailing out our America.

Share your thoughts as your share a a few beers,
(& sharing a pitcher saves in these tough times)
at your local, progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

...and check out
for blogging, events & updates

This Week In Blackness Episode 6

You gotta give it to Laughing Liberally regular and Tank comedy programmer Elon James White -- when he gets rolling, he makes the most of his momentum.

He's up to episode 6 already of his new series "This Week in Blackness." In this episode, he reveals to all of us what a new scientific poll has discovered: race "matters" in this election.