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Our Friends in Pasadena

Drinking Liberally has good friends in Pasadena, California.

It's a chapter that was started by Asa Hopkins several years ago. Asa was a Convention delegate in '04, he was active in YDA, and I met him first at the 2020 Democrats launch conference in late '03.

But what makes the Pasadena strong is not that it was started by a good leader; it's that it has remained vibrant even after Asa moved on.

You see, chapter leaders come and go. Sometimes, a chapter doesn't fare so well when a host has to move. But Pasadena regular has attendance in the teens, on Election Night had over 50, and was featured (with photographs) in a great article.

Patrick Burns, Lauri Fiedler and Mike Anderson -- the current hosts -- deserve a great amount of credit. They also deserve our thanks -- for gathering tips from chapter members and Tipping Liberally, sending funds to support the national network.

So next time you're out in southern California, stop by and toast them in person, every Tuesday night at Madeleine's Wine Bistro.

A New Year's Resolution for a Year of New Revolutions

Violence explodes between Israel & Hamas,
repeating an old story stuck in old thinking
that needs a new approach to create the peace.

Slow Christmas buying echoed the weak economy,
but a $500 rebate isn't going to fix it,
as we need to be innovative in our stimulus.

Bush pardons cronies, then revokes one,
& Blagojevich appoints a replacement Senator --
the corrupt keep finding new ways to be corrupt,
so we need fresh approaches to stop them.

From Wall St to Detroit to Senate obstruction,
problems have come from a failure to evolve;
but in this new year, does a new Administration
finally have the resoluteness to resolve?

May Obama make a New Year's Resolution
to a Year of New Revolutions...
revolutionary ideas, actions & progress.

That's a New Year wish we can toast to.

Sing out the old & ring in the new
as you start 2009 off on the Left foot
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

A Visit from St. Barack

A Visit from St. Barack
(with thanks to Clement Clark Moore)

'Twas the night before Elections, when through the US
Americas were nervous...we're in such a mess.
Our dreams we had hung on an election with care,
In hopes a new President soon would be there.

The bankers were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of bailouts danced in the heads;
But for most of the country, it's not quite a snap
Surviving the economy's long winter's nap.

When slowly all over, there arose such a clatter,
We sprang up & realized our vote really did matter.
Into campaigning, we flew like a flash,
And one night in November, we made a big splash.

Now through the darkness, the war & the woe,
We see new directions our country can go.
And what to our wondering eyes should appear?
A sleigh pulled by Change, that soars over the fear.

With a lean & young driver, & smart - what a shock!
I knew in a moment, must be St. Barack!
With speed & with purpose, his Cabinet came,
His strong Team of Rivals, he called the by name:

"Now Daschle! now, Geithner! Now, Holder, Richardson!
On Solis! Napolitano! And of course Hillary Clinton!
Stimulus! Reform! Accountability! All!
Fast out of the gate, no time to stall!"

As tax revenue in the Bush years did fly,
into CEO pockets, far from public eye,
So fast into action the Cabinet flew,
With 8 years of madness to work to undo.

Then, on TV, we heard the applause,
And entered a man who, despite flaws,
Helps us believe we'll turn it around --
On stage, St. Barack leaped with a bound.

With a serious look he breaks every while,
With a quick little joke, & infections bright smile,
He looks Presidential, what can we say?
...As long as he puts that Blackberry away.

At one side his family, beautiful, hopeful,
Warms all our souls, to the most mopeful.
On the other a helper we all take such pride in;
Who doesn't feel good about VP Joe Biden?

Things aren't great, that's plain to see
And in this transition, we don't always agree,
But when he grins like a kindly & generous elf,
We laugh & we hope, in spite of ourself.

With his personal story & charisma unending,
He helps set us back on course to be mending
Rips here at home & our ties abroad --
That he inspires, we happily laud.

He's ready to dig in and get straight to work,
And we can be done with that other jerk...
While we may be a bit down & times are tough,
as one nation we say, Enough is Enough.

He won't fix it all -- there just isn't a way --
It will take ALL of us pulling this sleigh.
But at least now with courage, exclaim we might:
"Happy Christmas to all, let's set America right!"

Share the holidays, your hopes & a drink or two
with your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Our Stocking's Full of Coal, Can We Turn It Into Diamonds?

While we may be facing the worst economy in decades,
it's also the chance to push a massive investment
in public infrastructure & green jobs.

While a teetering auto industry puts us in peril,
a loan to stabilize it is an opportunity
to create reforms & promote fuel efficiency.

While Grinches like Madoff & banking execs
threaten Americans' holiday cheer,
we also now have the impetus to re-regulate
the excesses of the financial sector.

And while the last 8 years hurt our country,
maybe that era revealed the Conservative con
& will give us a shot at a progressive future.

Bush's buddies filled our stocking with coal
...can new leadership turn it into diamonds?

That would be a Christmas miracle.

Raise your revelry, raise a ruckus,
raise hopes, fears & a glass or two
with your local progressive social club.

Drinking Liberally -
Find or start a chapter near you.

Republican Idol: The Search for America's New Top Right Wing Renaissance Man (Vote Now!)

Laughing Liberally To Keep From Crying
by Katie Halper

My fellow Americans,

Some of the greatest talents in the country are undiscovered. But did you know that some of the greatest talents are in the GOP and/or Bush administration? Help us discover these unsung heroes and shatter the myth that liberals are the only creative ones. We would be remiss if we didn't take the time to honor the unsung artistic heroes of the outgoing Bush administration and outgoing GOP. And because the GOP is all about counting (certain) votes, Republican Idol counts on your civic participation. You get to vote for the nominees. (All ties will be brought to a supreme artistic council made up of impartial judges like Kid Rock, Kelsey Grammar, Drew Carey, Victoria Jackson, Patricia Heaton, and Hick Hop idol Cowboy Troy.)

Ill & Annoyed in Illinois

At a time when our nation needs to focus
on the economy's impact on regular Americas,
Blagojevich's get-rich-quick scheme
now dominates our headlines & our attention.

This crisis could cost millions of jobs,
if American automakers go bankrupt,
but Blago's bankrupt morals now consume us.

At a moment when the election results
enriched our national spirit,
Blago sought only to enrich himself.

His venal corruption makes us ill --
& his timing, in crisis, just annoys.
I guess, Ill + Annoys = Illinois.

But hey, at least it brought
Patrick Fitzgerald back into the news.

Share your thoughts as your share a pitcher
with like-minded lefties over a liberal libation
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Marriage Equality - Activism Beyond an Election

I've been asked many times since November 4th what Drinking Liberally does though a Democratic President would negate the need for a national network of progressive social gatherings. I respond that political communities -- and the activism and ideas that flow from them -- don't come and go with campaigns...they are needed between elections just as much.

But it's one thing to say that -- it's another to actually live it. And honestly, many of our chapters are in a little bit of a post-election hangover / holiday daze. We continue to meet, enjoy holidays and plan for the Inauguration, but it feels a little bit like we're waiting for our next moment.

However, one movement that isn't waiting is the marriage equality movement. Obviously Prop 8 served as a jolt that required the movement not to rest -- but at a time when I don't witness as much direct activism taking place, folks like Join the Impact are delivering creative, social, passionate opportunities -- from national rallies to vigils to guerilla activism.

In New York, we're hosting a screening tonight of the Oscar-winning documentary Freeheld. Its story -- about a dying police officer whose same-sex partner is denied pension rights -- resonates with the the chilling results of Prop 8. We're using it to prompt a conversation about how New Yorkers can promote the marriage equality fight in our state, which has a chance of passing it legislatively.

We don't want, in this transition time, to lose the activism momentum of the election. Hopefully clever ad campaigns like "This Is Reality" will take Join the Impact's lead and invest in local organizing opportunities that keep our troops active.

That is, after this tryptophan wears off...

75th Anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition

Tomorrow is the 75th Anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition.

It's kind of remarkable to realize that our country outlawed booze Constitutionally; then, 15 years later, Constitutionally fixed that mistake. We really do have the power to form a more perfect union.

There's a special side consequence of this day: it means that tomorrow is the 75th birthday of many beloved dive bars that started as illicit speak-easy establishments during the 20s, then came into the light on this day 75 years ago.

So places like Rudy's -- the home of the original Drinking Liberally, and home of one of the greatest Liberal Card benefits (free drinks!) -- turns 75 tomorrow. And this New York institution will be celebrating with $7 pitchers at night and $5 pitchers during the day (7 and 5 for the 75th).

Plus, at tonight's DL gathering, we'll lift our glasses to Rudy's...and to a Constitution that can correct our country's errors.

The Right: Still Wrong. The Left: Still Left Behind?

Obama crafts a cabinet crossing aisles & ideologies,
while Senate Republicans revel in their Georgia win
as they intend to tyrannize from a 41-seat minority.

Dems step up to bailout the GOP's banking buddies,
while the GOP balks at loans to the Big Three,
& spreads lies about how much auto workers make.

The new Prez pledges to first push legislation
with bipartisan consensus like children's healthcare,
& hedges on oil windfall tax & Bush taxcut rollback,
while the Right calls him a radical socialist.

And in it all, Dems let Lieberman keep his gavel.

When Dems offer conservatives compromise & comity,
& the GOP digs in to defy progressive promise,
the debate wrongly shifts Rightward
& Liberals are left standing to the side.

Even after an Election, the Right is still wrong
...the real question: will the Left be left behind?

Share your hopes as your share a few pitchers,
& raise your concerns as you raise your glass
and toast this momentous month of transition
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Howard Dean, Ed Asner and You

Happy Cyber Monday -- that's right, the newly-minted term for the big post-Thanksgiving day of online holiday purchases. While we often dedicate our column to cool organizations -- from Trick-or-Vote to CREDO -- that build social networks through activity...we though if ever there would be a day to talk about building social community through consumerism, it would be today.

So if you're mind is still wandering from your long weekend off, or if you've started surfing for stocking stuffers, we just have to suggest: The Liberal Card -- promoting liberal pride, liberal community and liberal discounts.

Who wouldn't want to open slender package beneath the tree, beside the menorah, or after the Festivus gathering, and find an attractive, personalized wallet card that declares the bearer a "Card Carrying Liberal" this season?

Your co-workers would enjoy it. Your family would boast it proudly in their wallets. And how do I know? Because even Howard Dean is proud of it (and don't get me started on Ed Asner! Adorable photo below the fold...).

Look how happy he is! Oh, to be clear -- that poster is not the actual Liberal Card. The card is small and fits in your pocket. But it comes in a clever poster packaging that unfolds to become your banner of Liberal Pride.

It's a good time to be a Liberal. And as many claim this is a center-right country, let's remind them that Liberals are loud and proud. Why be afraid to show it? There are a few other folks who are proud to be liberals too: progressive businesses that offer discounts to card-holders.

Recently Liberal Card members were invited for free to an advance screening of Milk. The movie was awesome; now people will pay $10 to see it; and if you were a Card-Carrying Liberal, you now have a smile on your face..

There's more: you get discounts at the online stores of an environmentally-conscious gift shop, a progressive publishing house, a hip tee-shirt producer...even at the Drinking Liberally store. You get bonuses with your Liberal Card when you buy DL schwag. It just keeps giving.

Or, say for example that you live in New York. You go to a new downtown music venue for your free drink in the afternoon, and stay for the show on a members-only ticket. Or you head to an evening play, where your card gets you discount tickets. You end up at a Hell's Kitchen dive for another free drink. That's a great day (maybe even a great date!) -- and it's recession-proof.

But don't take my word for it that The Liberal Card will make you happy. Just look at this face...and tell me you don't see genuine joy.

That's right. Ed Asner has his Liberal Card. Why don't you?