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Pentagon Protection Program = Guantanamo Bay

An ungrateful Gordon Brown is asking the U.S. to release 5 Guantamo Bay inmates who had lived in Britain. But Pentagon spokesman Cmdr. J. D. Gordon explained that he didn't want to release them without getting "credible assurances that they would be treated humanely." Until then, these inmates will be kept safe and sound in small cold cells where they can cuddle with "truth dogs," play "water boarding," and be protected from the dangerous Geneva Convention.

The Liberal Question

People from around the country ask the Democratic Presidential candidates if they are in fact 'liberals'.

Liberal Shot of Political Whiskey - Obama's Name

Laughing Liberally comic Costaki Economopoulos figures out if he can vote for a President named Obama.

Lee Camp on Nature

Lee Camp at the Tank in NYC

Lee Camp on Food

Lee Camp at the Tank.

Liberal Shot of Political Whiskey - Coca-Cola

Laughing Liberally Comic Lee Camp rants about Coca-Cola and Politics.

Republican Restrooms - Costaki

Liberal Shot of Political Whiskey by Costaki Economopoulos. Republican Restrooms.

Gays in Iraq

Talking Liberally: Laughing Liberally comics talk about Gays in Iraq

Congressman Rangel and President Bush Meet Again

Highlights from an interview between the real Congressman Charles B. Rangel (D-NY) and President Bush (played by James Adomian) in anticipation of meeting again live at the Laughing Liberally Year-In-Review show on December 30th in NYC

Patriot Fact: Tom Delay

George W. Bush highlights Tom Delay. (Part 3 of 3). Featuring James Adomian. Conceived by Fred Dereau, Negin Farsad, Matt O'Neil, Katie Halper, Justin Krebs and Adam Barton