Start a Chapter of Living Liberally

If you want to live liberally in your own neighborhood, it is easy and free to host your own social club, meal, book group, screening or comedy show. In other words, you can start Drinking, Eating, Reading, Screening or Laughing Liberally (and all of these are part of the Living Liberally National Network).

Just let us know you're interested by emailing the appropriate organization:

For Drinking Liberally, email [email protected]
For Eating Liberally, email [email protected]
For Screening Liberally, email [email protected]
For Reading Liberally, email [email protected]
For Laughing Liberally, email [email protected]

Not sure what you want to start? Then email [email protected]

We'll set up a brief, initial phone conversation to bring you up to speed on the best practices to your chapter a success, and give you everything you need to get started.

There are a few ways we will support you:

* Space on our central website for your chapter, including a blog and photo account
* Help setting up and hosting group email lists
* Sample press releases, fliers and resource guides
* A place in a growing, national network

While there are no direct costs for starting a chapter, and no membership, we ask each chapter to either engage in Tipping Liberally at each meeting, or take part in our biannual pledge drives, encouraging their members to donate to keep the network going.