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Angrier White Men

Explosive testimony of quid pro quo,
credible witnesses, damning quotes
polls swinging further to impeach & remove
are making for an angry white man,
desperate & isolated, in the White House.

Unable to defend Trump's actions,
outraged over Syria, Turkey & the Kurds,
upset at the attempted G-7 money grab,
embarrassed answering voter questions --
that's the fate of a Congressional Republican.

A few dozen GOP members of Congress,
putting white male privilege on display,
interrupt secure impeachment hearings
in a tantrum of distraction & destruction.

There are plenty of angry, white men in DC.
And now they are getting angrier --
in the face of impeachment inquiries
and the persistence of people power.

It means they may get more dangerous,
but also shows that "we the people"
are doing something right.

Show up, speak up & tonight drink up
as we swap stories & share pitchers
at your local progressive social club.

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Cummings and Goings

Congress condemns Trump
over serious Syria chaos
while even Erdogan trolls Trump
over his Twitter tantrums
& mangled "make a deal" missive.

When a dozen Dems shared the stage,
they were joined by GOP talking points
in attacks against Medicare for All,
while Warren got frontrunner treatment.
& Bernie showed up hale and hardy.

Impeachment builds, Democrats push,
Republicans flail, obstruction cracks,
& as Giuliani digs himself deeper,
Trump seems ready to throw him overboard.

And Rep. Elijah Cummings passes away
but his work and truth will carry on.

Cummings goes off, impeachment goes on
& if Dems stay strong & GOP shows courage
Trump & Giuliani should be going, going gone.

For now, they're here -- and so are we
sharing space, thoughts & a pitcher or three
at your local progressive social club.

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Talking Turkey, Chatting Chickens

A majority of the American people
support impeachment, conviction, removal
but Republican cowards in Congress
can't fight for the Constitution.

Trump is desperate & dangerous
riling his base, attacking his critics
& greenlighting Turkey military moves
to the devastation of the Kurds
& the dismay of his own party.

China cracks down on the NBA
igniting a bipartisan backlash
but Trump won't defend free speech
while asking China to investigate Biden.

Giuliani's pals under arrest,
more whistleblowers, more leaks,
more women detailing Trump assaults
& even Biden finally favors impeachment.

While we're talking Turkey & China
the GOP's chatting chickens won't challenge
the talking turkey in the White House.

It's time the paltry poultry of the GOP
realize their goose is cooked.

Share & sip, socialize & schmooze
as you raise a glass & raise your voice
at your local progressive social club.

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The Silent Minority

Democrats move forward on impeachment
for Trump's continued attempts to coerce
foreign govs into US election interference.
And Republicans remain silent.

Pompeo was at Trump's Ukraine call.
Pence was part of the blackmail.
Barr was part of the cover-up.
And Republicans remain silent.

Trump suggested shooting immigrants,
considered border moats and spikes
& also slashes food stamps.
And Republicans remain silent.

An American majority supports impeachment,
more support conviction than oppose it,
while Trump doubles-down on attacks,
threats, lies, bribes, crimes & corruption ...
& suggests his supporters may get violent.
And Republicans remain silent.

Nixon once spoke of a silent majority.
Trump, the Nixon of a new era,
holds the reins of a silent minority.

Now it's time for him to go the way of Nixon
or the way the majority is ready to send him.

Much to talk about, gawk about,
cheers, jeers & share beers about
at your local progressive social club.


The Whistle's Been Blown

A suppressed whistleblower's complaint
over blackmailing foreign governments
into interfering with American elections
is the latest of many impeachable offenses
& the one that's breaking through the din.

Democrats were divided on Impeachment,
with some investigating, some procrastinating,
but now the dam-breaking flood of support
has sounded an alarm even Pelosi's ringing.

Trump has whistled for his supporters
to circle the wagons, repeat his lies,
in a familiar echo chamber of deception,
but could his whistle finally be broken?

Ukraine broke through more than Russia
as Democrats and voters say enough is enough,
and after years of crime, corruption & abuses,
we're finally whistling the tune of impeachment.

The whistle's been blown.
Now let's strike up the band.
Nobody knows the whole tune to this song,
but time for everyone to sing along.

Toasts to impeachment & whistleblowers
& talk of a historic week with familiar faces
at your local progressive social club.

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How Many Strikes 'Til They're Out?

Around the globe, we'll strike for the climate,
led by a rising generation that says enough,
even as Trump strikes out at California
over efforts to curb climate change.

Auto workers strike across the U.S.
at a time when CEOs rake in profits
but take swings against workers,
health care, benefits & workplace rights.

A whistleblower complaint is hidden,
Trump shares racist lies on Twitter,
Corey Lewandowski is the latest Trumpite
to defy, lie, obstruct, deny before Congress,
yet Dems are still shy to hold in contempt
or act against this contemptible crew.

Meanwhile Sean Spicer gets six figures
to dance with the stars
after trampling on the truth.

In baseball, it's three strikes and you're out.
More strikes than that against Trump & GOP,
time for the House Dems to call them out,
or for voters to strike back next November.

You won't strike out if you swing with us
for a few innings of pints and politics
at your local progressive social club

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Never Remember

Congress is back in session
with GOP planning no action on guns,
climate crisis or immigrants in detention
...while Dems move on impeachment, slowly.

Trump blocks Bahamians from relief in US,
seeks to roll back more enviro regulations,
& marks 9/11 with partisan attacks,
self congratulatory tweets
& a failed plan to secretly meet the Taliban.

And at least John Bolton is gone.
Although an unrepentant warmonger
never should've been there in the first place.

A special election in North Carolina
shows GOP faring behind Trump,
as polls show Trump behind leading Dems
leading up to the next national debate.

On 9/11, many of us say "Never forget."
The GOP seems to never remember:
To remember the mistakes of warmongers,
to remember to work for their constituents,
or to remember that Trump's dragging them down
& it's time they stand up to that mad man.

Debate, discuss, delight and disagree
as your dive into democracy & drinks
at your local progressive social club.

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The Most Unnatural Disaster

Following devastation in the Bahamas,
Dorian hammers away at the US coast
-- yet FEMA funding has been shifted
to build Trump's racist, wasteful wall.

Fires raging in the Amazon,
record highs this summer,
once-rare storms regularly causing chaos,
while Trump doctors maps with markers
& says he never heard of Category 5 storms.

Democrats take to a town hall
to talk climate crisis & Green New Deal
while Trump's focus is repealing regulations
on fuel standards, light bulbs & methane.

Of all these unnatural "natural" disasters,
Trump is the most unnatural and disastrous.

His outrageous, destructive impact
makes Britain look calm by comparison...

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