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Courting Disaster

The Supreme Court vacancy left by Antonin Scalia’s death
has become a disaster for democracy
as GOP Senators pledge not to consider any nominee,
a move that may prove a disaster for them as well.

The GOP primary opened a Pandora’s Box of vitriol
catapulting Donald Trump into frontrunner status
which will either be a disaster for the Grand Old Party
or an even more dire disaster for America.

And with Jeb bushed and the field narrowing,
Cruz and Rubio are playing dangerous games
with international, social, and domestic policy
as they try to outmaneuver each other
for the prize of coming face-to-face with Donald.

The GOP is creating a Court disaster
and they are actively courting disaster
in Washington, across America and in the election.

It’d make for a really fascinating train wreck
if our country weren’t on the tracks.

Compare notes, share a night,
and join in astonishment at GOP insanity
at your local progressive social club.

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Supreme Hypocrisy

After the news of Justice Antonin Scalia’s passing,
as the Prez ordered flags to half mast,
the Republican Party raced past mourning
to politicize his death as quickly as possible.

Senator McConnell and fellow Republicans,
who have done election year confirmations
when the nominees came from the GOP
effectively called to end Obama’s term a year early.

And several of the GOP presidential hopefuls
who love to tout adherence to the Constitution
argued for a year-long vacancy on the high court.

There’s no doubt what to call it: hypocrisy.
Supreme Hypocrisy.

And for those who say the Dems would do the same:
C’mon — even if Democrats wanted to do it,
they’d never have the guts.
It takes a Republican to be this obstructionist.

Share primary news, electoral speculation,
over Supremely salient conversation and camaraderie
at your local progressive social club.

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Who's On First? Everybody's In Second!

Trump lost then won, Cruz rose then stopped,
Rubio called third a win, then flopped,
Jeb muddled in the middle, Christie and Fiorina dropped
and by coming in second, Kasich came out on top.

Hillary, the long-time frontrunner, now seems
ready for a long fight, and to enjoy the underdog spot,
while Bernie wrestles to retain outsider status
though after a yuuuuuge night in NH, a longshot he’s not.

In tonight’s Democratic debate both Sanders and Clinton
will fight like they have something to prove.
And on Saturday’s Republican stage,
a whole bunch of folks will try to claim second place.

Who’s on first? Nobody can say.
But claiming to be in second is in style these days.

Watch and wonder, laugh and learn,
as we debate, discuss and drink liberally
at your local progressive social club.

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Nothing for Granted in the Granite State

Iowa ended in a virtual tie,
the DNC ended its tight control of debates,
and O’Malley ended his campaign entirely,
as Clinton and Sanders try to end up on top in NH.

A Cruz Missile took down high-flying Trump,
Rand, Santorum and Huckabee waved farewell,
Rubio rose, Jeb Bush froze, and nobody knows
what to expect from Tuesday’s primary.

And right now the frontrunners for both parties
are the first woman to win in Iowa,
an atheist Socialist Jew from Brooklyn,
and a Cuban born in Canada.

The only thing that’s clear:
with more debates and more polls,
new endorsements and attacks,
nobody can take the Granite State for granted.

Watch and wonder, share and shout
as we share a night and share a beer
at your local progressive social club.

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The Case of the Curious Caucus

How wild will right-wing voters run,
will Trump triumph or be lumped,
will Cruz cruise or will he lose,
and how many of the GOP menagerie
won't make it past Monday's caucus?

Will Hillary prevail and Bernie fail,
or will Bernie sail and Hill flail,
and can Martin go any more stale,
and how will the media spin the tale?

Will revolutionary energy rise
or party bosses push back?
And will a handful of folks in Iowa
on a cold night in February
really help decide the next president?

And when the Iowa Caucuses are over
will Santorum, Huckabee and Carson vanish?
Or, no longer trapped in Iowa, does it mean
we'll suddenly see them everywhere?!

It's a confounding, convoluted,
cacophonous, crazy, kooky,
confusing case of a most curious caucus.

And Michael Bloomberg's loving every moment of it.

Share predictions over shared predilections
as you talk and sip your politics
at your local progressive social club.

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Politicians Poison Their Wells — and Ours

Politicians Poison Their Wells — and Ours

Goldman Sachs, guns, Obamacare, the “establishment,”
heat up the race between Clinton and Sanders.
But how hot can the rhetoric get before it bubbles over
and poisons the well for the eventual nominee?

As Cruz accuses Trump of “New York values,”
Trump levels birtherism against Ted Cruz,
and Sarah Palin, and family, make news,
the GOP is swimming in a toxic primary pool.

And as we learn the people of Flint
have been drinking lead in their water,
we remember government is more than rhetoric,
that these debates are more than entertainment,
and that elections have real consequences.

It’s one thing for politicians to poison their own wells,
it’s quite another when they poison ours —
and, unfortunately, the two are connected.

We’ll speak freely and drink safely,
as we enjoy a well of political conversation
at our local progressive social club.

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State of the Union vs. State of Confusion

The president delivers a final State of the Union
declaring the economy strong and America secure.
But if you listen to presidential candidates of both parties,
they are campaigning on exactly the opposite.

The GOP is confounded by Trump's staying power
and flummoxed that the only rival, Ted Cruz,
is just as unlikable and absurd,
while a dozen others keep trying to be heard.

The Democratic race is in upheaval
as Hillary feels burned by the Bern
and Sanders does what few expected,
including possibly him: becomes a frontrunner.

While Obama described the State of the Union,
in politics, it's the State of Confusion.

Join us to make sense of it all,
as you share your thoughts and sip a drink
at your local progressive social club.

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Disarming and Alarming

The Prez takes small, but real, action on firearms,
so the NRA sounds its alarm bells,
and GOP candidates promise to undo it —
in spite of most Americans supporting the measure.

When an armed crew takes over a wildlife refuge,
they’re met with polite distance by law enforcement,
in contrast to how on a regular basis police confront
unarmed Black protesters, citizens and bystanders.

North Korea claims it tested a hydrogen bomb.
Saudis try to heat up their cold war with Iran.
And every sane Republican wonders
how on Earth to detonate the Trump campaign.

As nations and the right-wing arm themselves,
and candidates seek to charm all of us,
new year’s news has ranged from disarming to alarming
—let’s just hope it’s all a little less harming.

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