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One Ugly Groundhog

Trump's ban on Muslims and refugees
harkens back to the worst isolationism
of dark shadows of America's past,
but was met now with inspired protests
taking over airports and airwaves.

Trump's parade of outrageous Cabinet picks
get unified support from lockstep Republicans,
who "voice concerns" then vote yes.
But at least Democrats have started to fight
from delays to walk-outs in the Senate.

More conflicts of interest with businesses.
More coziness with Vladimir Putin.
More promotions for white nationalist Steve Bannon.
More lies from Twitter and the Press Secretary.
But at least now the press is calling them lies.

Each day with Trump is a brand new outrage,
and feels like we're trapped in a terrible day on repeat.
It's like a horror version of the movie Groundhog Day
...and one ugly groundhog is at the center of attention.

But at least people are speaking up and marching,
stiffening spines and refusing to be silenced,
and maybe grassroots energy and opposition
can turn this Groundhog Day into an early spring.

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Executive Disorders

Trump unleashes a wave of executive orders
attacking the environment and immigrants,
healthcare, religious liberty, and basic humanity.
And more dangerous orders are on the way.

Meanwhile, as he gags his own agencies,
resistance twitter feeds emerge.
As he pushes disastrous nominees,
there’s an exodus of career staffers.

Amidst his angry, absurd, and unhinged tweets,
his own team leaks contrary information
as they go to war with the media over misinformation
and try to shut the public from all transparency.

His inauguration was dwarfed by the Women’s March,
Senate offices are flooded with protests,
and even in the face of Trump Republican extremism,
the majority have made clear we will not be silent.

We are outraged and alarmed at his executive orders,
and signs of his personal and professional disorders.
But at least, the American public is responding
with a little disorder of our own.

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Good Bye, Obama. Hello, New Trauma.

Barack Obama had some highs and some lows,
he righted the economy but gave bankers a pass,
he withdrew from wars but expanded drones.
His successor is an ill-tempered, inexperienced
would-be strongman with Putin’s support.

Obama fought for some civil rights and liberties,
but saw other rights eroded at state levels.
He was stymied by an obstructionist Congress
but made gains when he found his executive pen.
His successor has chosen cabinet members
who disdain the very notion of functional government.

Obama found the words to heal and inspire,
to go high at our nation’s lowest moments.
His successor attacks journalists in person
and everyone else over Twitter.

Obama had the audacity of hope.
Trump has shown the audacity to grope.

From a curtain call today
to an uncertain fall tomorrow.

From No-Drama Obama to a whole new trauma.

It’s going to be a long four years.

Let’s hold on tight and hold on to each other
with good company, good ideas, good toasts,
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One Farewell and We All Fare Poorly

President Obama gave a farewell speech
with dignity, grace, and passion.
Donald Trump gave a press conference
that he ended by shouting “You’re fired.”

Trump won’t divest or use a blind trust,
he makes his son-in-law a senior advisor,
he blacklists CNN in front of the press corps
and still has time to fight with Meryl Streep.

There’s an AG pick with a history of racism,
a Secretary of State who is an oil tycoon,
and grassroots pressure has delayed other picks
but these 1%-ers and authoritarians are on their way.

And meanwhile, the Senate has taken first steps
to take healthcare away from tens of millions.

This week's news has featured one farewell.
But the rest of the news has us all faring poorly.

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The Congress Regress

Before the new Congress was even sworn in,
Republicans attempted to make their first act
gutting the independence of ethics investigations,
until they were scared off by public outrage.

Congress wants to repeal Obamacare ASAP,
but now faces the facts that doing so
would deprive millions of healthcare
and undo particularly popular provisions.

And the GOP is gearing up to confirm
a cabinet of racists, 1%ers and autocrats,
unless Democrats can provide a unified front
and a few maverick Republicans go rogue.

All told Obama’s progress is under fire
as are the well-being of all Americans,
as the new Congress seems set to regress —
unless we force them to retreat and relent.

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What’s Your New Year’s Revolution?

When the Trump team tries to build a wall,
start a war, shred the Constitution,
and sell off our public institutions,
will you say no everywhere you can,
in the streets, the courts, your communities?

When the Trump team tries to
take away healthcare, tear apart families,
create a Muslim registry, close clinics,
while giving corporations tax breaks,
will you resist with your time, money, social capital?

And when the Trump team tries
to give white supremacists and CEOs
the keys to our national fate and fortune,
will you reach across aisles and states
to build the movement to defend America?

We usually pledge to New Year’s resolutions.
But this year, what’s your New Year’s Revolution?

We’ve seen the Trump team and it’s revolting.
So we have to be ready to revolt back at them.

Before the new year, have some good cheer,
and a cold beer … you know that we’re here
at your local, progressive social club.

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Unsilent Plight, Unholy Fright

In the season of “peace on Earth,”
Trump talks of expanding our nuclear arsenal
and picks fights with foreign leaders on Twitter.

In the season “good will to all,”
he repeats calls to ban Muslims
and nominates a frightening crew
of authoritarians, xenophobes, and oligarchs.

We sing ’tis the season to be jolly,
but images of an assassination in Turkey,
the death toll of a killing in Germany,
and the reports out of bloody Aleppo
give this season a very different tone.

Carols invoke “silent night, holy night,”
but the dangerous man in the Tower
and the unsettled world around us
fills this unusual holiday season
with unsilent plights and unholy frights.

Hopefully we’ll all hear our better angels
and yet again find tidings of comfort and joy.

Find seasonal spirits and reasonable souls,
and share politics and pints with pals new and old,
at your local progressive social club.

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From Russia With Love

Trump seems to have taken Russia's support
as CIA evidence points to Russian efforts
to interfere with our elections,
... with Putin personally involved.

He took Russia's ally as Secretary of State,
the CEO of Exxon, a friend of Putin's
and basically a cartoon villain.

And he's taking Russian style politics
by entrenching oligarchy and kleptocracy
and pushing strongman autocrat tactics
in his cabinet picks, policies, and style.

So much for Republicans as Cold Warriors.
You can shout the "Russians are coming!"
But it seems they're already here.

Trump's new slogan might as well be,
"From Russia with Love."

And hey, nothing against Russian people.
It's just their autocrats and oligarchs we could do without.

From the Electoral College to holiday seasons,
emotions are running high and never a dull moment.
Come take a break, have a hug, and raise a glass
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