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He's Making Congress Look Good

Trump decertifies the Iran deal
against advice and intelligence,
but doesn't call for new sanctions
and leaves it to Congress --
which miraculously doesn't rush to war.

He ends critical health care payments
that make care affordable for millions,
then flip-flops on whether he'd support
a rare bipartisan effort to clean up his mess.

He declared he'd end DACA,
made it Congress's job to fix,
but as Congress talked the popular Dream Act,
Trump added demands, bumped timelines
and basically kept changing his mind.

And along the way, he managed
to insult the families of fallen soldiers.

It takes a special kind of reckless incompetence
to make the dysfunctional Congress look good.

But as the Republicans push for a budget
that'd transfer $2.4 trillion to the 1%,
the GOP Congress is working hard
to outdo the Destroyer-in-Chief.

Find a purpose with bipartisan support:
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Unstable and Unable

He may decertify the Iran diplomatic deal
and destabilize a critical framework for peace
while talking of the “calm before the storm,”
provoking North Korea, dismissing diplomacy,
and enabling our role in the war in Yemen.

He’ll use executive orders on health care
to destabilize the insurance markets.
He’s pushing tax cuts to wreck our budget.
He’s issued demands to scuttle the Dream Act.
And he’s failing to support Puerto Rico.

Meanwhile, he is unable to stop himself
from picking unhinged fights with his Cabinet,
his party leaders, world leaders,
the news media and the NFL.

There’s Constitutional action the Cabinet can take
in the case of an unstable president.
Otherwise, grassroots resistance and electoral wins
are the only way we can deal with an unable president.

And in his own fog of instability he probably thinks
being Destabilizer-in-Chief is a good thing.

Enjoy conversation smart, savvy, and stable
and share a drink if you are able
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What Happens In Vegas Can't Stay In Vegas

The massacre in Las Vegas was horrific,
heart-wrenching and senseless.
But it wasn't surprising in a country that
answers bloodshed with "thoughts and prayers."

The dire scene in Puerto Rico is tragic,
frightening and maddening.
And made worse by a callous response,
and by the greed of vulture capitalists
who have crippled the island's economy.

And in DC, the GOP plans an assault
against our budget and working families
to give massive tax breaks to the 1%.
Infuriating, unnecessary, potentially devastating
and not shocking if you follow GOP politics.

When a crisis hits, we can mourn.
But as a crisis is made worse
by ignorance and inaction,
we have to organize.

If what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,
then we're doomed to repeat our history.

So let's all work to make sure that
what happened in Vegas can't stay in Vegas,
and not forget victims there,
the 3.4 million Americans of Puerto Rico
and everyone who'd lose out under a GOP agenda.

And let's get together with good friends
over good politics and good drinks
at your local progressive social club.

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Fighting Zombies Would Be Easier

The Republican attempt to attack health care
was stopped YET AGAIN.
So Trump will sabotage it in other ways,
as the GOP moves on to tax breaks for the rich.

The devastation in Puerto Rico is heartbreaking,
an acute humanitarian crisis,
heightened by an insufficient response from D.C.
all worsened by an underlying economic crisis
created by vulture capitalists who keep circling.

Russian continues to interfere in our politics,
Facebook continues to fall short in its policies,
and the Trump team continues to try
to obstruct the Mueller investigation.

From terrible bills that will not die,
to long crises that won’t be addressed,
to bad behavior that goes unchecked,
it’s like we’re confronting zombie politics,
a persistent assault from an undead army.

At least zombies just want your brains.
These guys want our brains, our healthcare,
our money, and the soul of our democracy.

Maybe fighting zombies would be easier.

For now, toast another defeat of Trumpcare,
and raise your spirits for the many fights ahead
at your local, progressive social club.

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The GOP's Endless Wars

Declaring he’d “utterly destroy” North Korea,
Trump used his speech on the world stage
to threaten, provoke, bully
and promise an America of endless wars.

He’s undermining the Iran nuclear deal,
making noises toward Venezuela —
and the Senate abdicated its responsibility
to demand a new vote on military force.

Meanwhile, the GOP goes after health care,
its never ending crusade to hurt tens of millions,
then prepares the next salvo in a constant fight
to give tax breaks to the superrich.

Wars for the rich, wars against health care
and drumming for the next war abroad --
we’ll be consumed by the GOP’s endless wars
if their party’s civil war doesn’t consume them first.

It’s a new season, the Jewish new year,
and time for new friends and ideas,
at your local progressive social club.

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The Artifice of the Deal

Trump dined with Schumer and Pelosi,
and the Dems said they dealt on DACA
which Trump didn’t deny, then he did,
leaving everyone dazed and dizzy.

Last week his deal with Dems on the debt
left Republican leaders in the lurch,
but it’s a short-term patch for a bigger fight
of showdowns and shutdowns in December.

The GOP has one more Trumpcare bill
that nobody seems ready to touch.
They also claim they’ll rush a tax bill
that hasn’t been drafted, debated, discussed.

The self-proclaimed “deal maker”
is just as often a complete “deal breaker”
and amid the lies, bluster, and double-talk,
seems like his approach isn’t an art at all
and should be called “The Artifice of The Deal.”

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A Dream Deferred?

While claiming he admires Dreamers
and wants Congress to take action,
Trump and his pal Jeff Sessions
ended protections for 800,000 immigrants.

Congress’s August recess was swamped
with white supremacy, nuclear threats,
outraged constituents and DC shake-ups,
delaying any dream of a quiet summer break.

And now they’re back in DC
where Trump’s making deals with Dems
on debt ceiling and government spending,
Trumpcare threatens one last round,
and a tax fight looms large for everyone.

Dreamers and allies are outraged at Dems
for not going to the mat to defend DACA.
Republicans are mad at the White House
for taking away their debt ceiling hostage.
And nobody knows what Trump’s thinking.

Everyone is having their dream deferred
and we’re all working to make sure
the American dream doesn’t become a nightmare.

Escape the chaos and toast the camaraderie
of like-minded lefties and liberal libations
at your local progressive social club.

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Unnatural Disasters

Hurricane Harvey battered Houston and beyond
flooding one of America’s largest cities.
The role of climate change isn’t yet certain
but given the storm’s force and ferocity,
there’s nothing normal about this disaster.

Heroic relief efforts are underway
but aren’t helped by years of Republicans
undermining disaster relief funding,
and underinvesting in government services
that tens of thousands of Americans will need.

While we should rightfully be focused
on how to aid those in the storm’s aftermath,
Trump’s also distracting us with tax cuts for the rich
and conflict with his own military leaders
over North Korea and transgender service members.

When a disaster strikes like Harvey,
Americans—and the world—pull together.
But when right-wing politicking pushes in,
“natural” disasters can have unnatural consequences.

Raise a wish for the people of Texas and Louisiana,
and raise a glass and raise your questions with friends
at your local progressive social club.

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