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The Future Majority of Praying Liberally?

Check out our discussion of the future of the religious left over at Future Majority. Here is a key section:

With interest in religion and spirituality rising on college campuses, andthe fact that the millennial generation is one of the most liberal ever, the community potential is there.

Plus, The fact is there are many progressive religious youth orgs, such as Mitzvah Corps, that get young people engaged in social justice and other progressive causes.

But unlike conservative religious youth groups, progressive ones don't usually self-identify in ways that would explicitly denote them as progressive organizations. Also, these groups haven't formed solid coalitions with the progressive movement, and in that they fail to act as a legitimate gateway for youth into the progressive movement. Introducing youth involved with religious programs into the greater movement was one of the Religious Right's key skills as they grew their power in the last decades of the 20th century.

The progressive movement needs to build connections with these progressive religious youth groups through more liberal faith communities such as the United Church of Christ, Unitarian Universalist and Episcopalian churches, and the Reform and Reconstructionist Jewish movements. As well as the younger, more liberal generation of church-goers at traditionally conservative churches.

This relationship between "Church" and Progressive Movement could provide us with great new leaders, who like Barack Obama, would come to the progressive movement through their faith community. It could also infuse these religious organizations with new energy, connecting young people to faith in new ways and expanding the opportunities offered to them by their religious community as they see their church, synagogue, mosque or temple becoming more connected with their everyday lives.

Blogging Liberally: Bob Dole

1)The Pro-Viagra Ticket. McCain can’t quite remember why he wants Viagra so bad.

2)As Obama casts his vote to silence the debate on FISA. Is centrism a slippery-slope?

3)SUV sales are down, but carbon ain’t out.

4)It’s cute, it’s cuddly, It is the shiny happy polling results of an Edwards-Obama ticket.

5)Give me Beer, or Give me death! $46 Billion proves brewing and civilization are one and the same.

6)Screw the nuclear program, who let Iran get a hold of power point?

7) Jesse Jackson had a couple things to say about Barack’s nethers

A Detailed Analysis of Obama's Iraq Flip-Flop in Action Figure Form

Laughing Liberally to Keep from Crying
by Lee Camp

Let Them Eat Kibble

Laughing Liberally To Keep From Crying
by Amanda Milstein

Thousands upon thousands of homes are being foreclosed on, gas is over four dollars a gallon, the economy looks rosy only to the colorblind-and yesterday I learned that Leona Helmsley had left a trust worth between 5 and 8 billion dollars "to dogs." According to the New York Times, this sum represents nearly ten times the assets of all animal-related non-profit groups in 2005 (and I imagine some of those groups might even squander some of their dollars on non-canines).

The article noted that at first Ms. Helmsley had two goals for her trust:

"to help indigent people...[and] to provide for the care and welfare of dogs. A year later...she deleted the first goal."

Trust Ms. Helmsley to have her priorities straight.

Needless to say, giving five to eight billion dollars to our furry canine companions (who, let's face it, really only need some weird meat-flavored pellets and would probably be frightened by a Jacuzzi and bite a butler) is not going to cause a lot of public support in an economy where dog food is beginning to seem like an appealingly cost-effective dinner option. Apparently her trustees have been "frett[ing] about the public outcry," which shows that they're at least somewhat more perceptive than your average Great Dane.

I am pleased to announce that after pondering the question for nearly seven minutes, I have come up with a solution to how the dogs, armed with trust money, could solve the housing crisis: ARFF - Abodes ReGifted by Furry Friends. With 8 billion dollars, the trust could help dogs buy around 25,000 homes outright, or help dog-knows how many families in meeting mortgage payments. The trust could buy the house (or assign the mortgage) to the dog, and give the dog to the people who used to live there. Legal provisions would have to be made so that when the home-owning dog (who would, of course, be required to pay any relevant taxes and mortgage payments out of trust money) died, the home would go to the people, and not, say, the yellow lab next door. That would just be absurd.

Cavemen vs. Cave-ins

Senate Dems caved to a deeply unpopular Prez
by granting immunity to spying phone companies.
But it's the backward-thinking President
who made this plan his domestic legacy.

Congressional Dems consider off-shore drilling,
caving to pressures over gas prices...
but McCain's scrapping all environmental plans
& the Right denies climate change completely.

And Dems have still not changed course in Iraq.
But it's McCain's war-mongering sensibilities
that jokes about killing Iranians with cigarettes.

On one hand, anti-progress, war-like thugs.
On the other, a party that hasn't stopped them.

We definitely don't want to be ruled by Cavemen let's figure how to stop these Cave-Ins.

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or ready to push for a better America,
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at your local progressive social club.

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The John McCain Comedy Jaunt

A little look into our recent John McCain themed Laughing Liberally Show, with Cliff Schecter author of "The Real McCain" and Paul Waldman author of "Free Ride".

John McCain is Definitely NOT Laughing Liberally

As we noted before in the Blogging Liberally Daily Digest, John McCain made quite the "Hey, let's kill all the Iranians," joke on Tuesday. Here's the video:

Matt Yglesias raises an interesting point:

When you look at something like the AP's covering for John McCain as he embarrassingly jokes about his desire to kill Iranian civilians, it's worth considering how the AP would have reported this if the shoe were on the other foot. Ahmadenijad makes a "joke," at a political rally, about killing Americans. Soft-focus human interest story? I doubt it. Heck, what would John McCain's reaction be if that happened?

Reading Liberally: Read of the Day

The one thing that every liberal must read today:

Bush's Secret Army of Snoops and Snitches
by Matthew Rothschild, The Progressive

Matthew Rothschild discusses "a new class of everyday spies, from paramedics to utility workers, are being recruited to be 'terrorism liason officers'." This program, he says, may be the real legacy of Bush's "assault on our civil liberties.