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The Congress Regress

Before the new Congress was even sworn in,
Republicans attempted to make their first act
gutting the independence of ethics investigations,
until they were scared off by public outrage.

Congress wants to repeal Obamacare ASAP,
but now faces the facts that doing so
would deprive millions of healthcare
and undo particularly popular provisions.

And the GOP is gearing up to confirm
a cabinet of racists, 1%ers and autocrats,
unless Democrats can provide a unified front
and a few maverick Republicans go rogue.

All told Obama’s progress is under fire
as are the well-being of all Americans,
as the new Congress seems set to regress —
unless we force them to retreat and relent.

Share your reactions and ideas to take action
as you raise a drink and lift up what you think
at your local progressive social club.

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What’s Your New Year’s Revolution?

When the Trump team tries to build a wall,
start a war, shred the Constitution,
and sell off our public institutions,
will you say no everywhere you can,
in the streets, the courts, your communities?

When the Trump team tries to
take away healthcare, tear apart families,
create a Muslim registry, close clinics,
while giving corporations tax breaks,
will you resist with your time, money, social capital?

And when the Trump team tries
to give white supremacists and CEOs
the keys to our national fate and fortune,
will you reach across aisles and states
to build the movement to defend America?

We usually pledge to New Year’s resolutions.
But this year, what’s your New Year’s Revolution?

We’ve seen the Trump team and it’s revolting.
So we have to be ready to revolt back at them.

Before the new year, have some good cheer,
and a cold beer … you know that we’re here
at your local, progressive social club.

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Unsilent Plight, Unholy Fright

In the season of “peace on Earth,”
Trump talks of expanding our nuclear arsenal
and picks fights with foreign leaders on Twitter.

In the season “good will to all,”
he repeats calls to ban Muslims
and nominates a frightening crew
of authoritarians, xenophobes, and oligarchs.

We sing ’tis the season to be jolly,
but images of an assassination in Turkey,
the death toll of a killing in Germany,
and the reports out of bloody Aleppo
give this season a very different tone.

Carols invoke “silent night, holy night,”
but the dangerous man in the Tower
and the unsettled world around us
fills this unusual holiday season
with unsilent plights and unholy frights.

Hopefully we’ll all hear our better angels
and yet again find tidings of comfort and joy.

Find seasonal spirits and reasonable souls,
and share politics and pints with pals new and old,
at your local progressive social club.

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From Russia With Love

Trump seems to have taken Russia's support
as CIA evidence points to Russian efforts
to interfere with our elections,
... with Putin personally involved.

He took Russia's ally as Secretary of State,
the CEO of Exxon, a friend of Putin's
and basically a cartoon villain.

And he's taking Russian style politics
by entrenching oligarchy and kleptocracy
and pushing strongman autocrat tactics
in his cabinet picks, policies, and style.

So much for Republicans as Cold Warriors.
You can shout the "Russians are coming!"
But it seems they're already here.

Trump's new slogan might as well be,
"From Russia with Love."

And hey, nothing against Russian people.
It's just their autocrats and oligarchs we could do without.

From the Electoral College to holiday seasons,
emotions are running high and never a dull moment.
Come take a break, have a hug, and raise a glass
at your local progressive social club.

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Let’s Get Ready to Crumble

A climate change denier at the EPA.
An anti-worker fast food exec at Labor.
Ben Carson in charge of anything.
And now the WWE exec at Small Business.
A team to tear down our functioning government.

Tax cuts that will bankrupt our country.
Attacks on healthcare to leave us uninsured.
A full-frontal assault on civil liberties,
voting rights, free press, free speech.
An agenda to topple our nation’s strengths.

But a growing movement against his mandate,
an increasing popular victory for Clinton,
fights against appointees and Muslim registries,
against conflicts of interest and tearing up healthcare.
In short a resistance on the rise.

Trump’s assembling a team that will bumble,
and would get us as a nation ready to crumble.
But as they say at his beloved wrestling matches,
“Let’s get ready to rumble.”

Ready to fight, or just find comfort for the night,
raise your spirits and a pint or two
at your local progressive social club.

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The Corrupted, Co-opted Conflicter-in-Chief.

The Cabinet is becoming a House of Horrors,
a mix of inexperience and wrong experience,
from 1%ers to Medicare privateers to Islamaphobes
even before Palin or Giuliani have found their seats.

Twitter’s a torrent of proposals and assertions
on voter fraud, flag burning and conflicts of interest,
ranging from unconstitutional to inane,
from phony boasts to outright lies.

Meanwhile, his unabashed self-dealing,
along with recounts, Russia, and other revelations,
plus Clinton’s 2.5 million popular vote lead,
makes Trump legitimacy and mandate
as fragile as his ego and his temper.

From conflicts of interest to conflicts in agenda,
to being a guy who just thrives on conflict,
he may have a minority of votes to be Commander-in-Chief
but he’d get all the votes declaring him Conflicter-in-Chief.

Escape the conflict and enjoy some comrades
as you vent and share, rant and care
at your local progressive social club.

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Politically Tough Living, But Still Thanksgiving

Trump is using his new role
to boost business deals, meet developers,
and bring his daughter who’ll run his empire
into top tier governmental meetings.

He’s using his appointments
to elevate white supremacists,
Islamaphobes, conspiracy theorists,
and folks too crazy for past Republicans.

And policy proposals from building a wall
to privatizing Medicare to banning Muslims
promise big fights and dark days ahead.

We’re not thankful for these election results.

But we’re thankful to the majority of voters
who wanted a different outcome.

Thankful for principled fighters
in our communities, cities, states, and Congress
who will fight to stop the worst GOP excesses.

Thankful for our friends, family, neighbors
with whom we’ll share a meal this week,
and who we’ll rely on and give support to,
along the rough road ahead.

So, even in tough electoral times,
we’ll find reason to give thanks
and let’s become the reason
others can give thanks as well.

In the meantime, if you’re thankful
for liberal community and lively conversation
join your local, progressive happy hour.

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It's Mourning in America

An antisemitic, misogynistic, white supremacist
as senior White House strategist
makes the chair of the divisive, destructive GOP.
becoming Chief of Staff seem downright reasonable.

A transition filled with conspiracy theorists,
rampant Islamapobes and real estate tycoons
is so dysfunctional and unnerving
it almost makes you nostalgic for Chris Christie.

And the winner of a minority of the popular vote
now steps up as the least prepared,
least respected, least liked person
to become president in US history.

No wonder the streets are filled with protest,
the airwaves and news feeds with disbelief,
and the faces of regular Americans filled
with the glazes and saddened look of shock.

Reagan once declared it was "morning in America."
Now, it's mourning in America.
And we still have 2 months until the Inauguration.

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