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Iran. We Ran. They’re Off And Running.

As the president runs a historic effort
to reach a nuclear deal with Iran,
the Republicans run to ruin diplomacy
and in doing so, they run off the rails.

Cruz, Rubio, Paul all want to run,
but on Iran, they all ran backwards.
And GOP voters run from Chris Christie,
as Scott Walker walks to the front of the line.

And as she’s chased by email outrage,
“I ran” has different meaning for Clinton,
weighing whether to announce, “I will run.”

The GOP ran and won the Senate,
but they’re running in circles now —
and as they jockey to run for president,
President Obama asserts he still runs the show.

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Message Mess

Netanyahu tries to mess with US diplomacy,
and delivers a misguided message to Congress,
but in the end, it mucked up the GOP’s march to war
as hawkish Dems turn against Mitch McConnell mayhem.

The DOJ sends mixed messages on Ferguson:
revealing the obvious — bias among their police —
while missing the mark of what felt clear to many:
the need for consequences for killing an unarmed teen.

But the biggest mess might go to the smallest story:
how Hillary Clinton’s efforts to have email privacy
just became the center of endless public scrutiny —
whether it’s legal, ethical and should she have known better.

In a week of misplaced Messianic mischief,
muddled maneuvering and more muckraking,
we’ve had enough messy messages,
and more than enough messed up messengers.

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feisty fun and flowing liberal libations
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Pipelines, Pipe Dreams and Punchlines

Of all the issues they could choose to tackle,
Republicans fixate on the Keystone pipeline,
which they knew the president would veto —
likely just the first of many vetoes in this new era.

While the president calls for new rules
to protect Americans’ retirement accounts,
the GOP renews efforts to repeal banking reforms,
a move Obama is sure to veto as well.

And while Republican leaders accuse Obama
of being soft on ISIS and not loving America,
the Grant Old Party plays partisan games,
with threats to defund the Department of Homeland Security.

The Republican Party: obsessed with pipelines,
drunk on pipe dreams, and fast becoming punchlines.

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as we share opinions and an evening
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The Winter of Our Malcontents

An Alabama judge is pissed at same-sex marriage.
A Texas judge is ticked at compassionate immigration policy.
Rudy Giuliani thinks President Obama doesn’t love America.

Boehner would defund homeland security
over the president’s proposed immigration actions.
The GOP is holding up the Attorney General nominee
for spite, for giggles or for no reason at all.

Meanwhile, killings shock Denmark,
fighting continues in Ukraine,
and the Prez seeks to use military force on ISIS.

Can we get to spring already?
We’re ready for a thaw in our political thinking,
and end to this winter of our malcontents.

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Stewart’s Gone — But Satire Goes On

A President who rose to prominence
opposing an open-ended Mideast war
is now seeking Congressional authorization
for an open-ended Mideast war.

Republicans stake out turf by fighting for
a polluting pipeline pipe dream in Congress
segregation of same-sex marriage in Alabama
and blocking a popular Attorney General nominee.

While Bush, Cheney and crew went untouched,
the only person who’ll be held accountable
for lies about the Iraq War -- is Brian Williams.

And as we mourn the senseless killing
of three young people in Chapel Hill,
this possible hate crime will likely get less coverage
than Kanye West and 50 Shades of Grey..

Today’s sorry state of affairs will make us miss
Jon Stewart’s gift of laughter all the more.
On the other hand, maybe his job is done —
as the news seems to be becoming its own satire.

Come sigh, cry, laugh, gaffe, share and care
as you raise a glass and raise your your voice
at your local progressive social club.

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Inoculate Against Hypocrisy?

When Ebola presented a limited threat to America,
GOP leaders ignored science and stoked fears.
Now an outbreak of a beatable disease claims lives
and Republican candidates disseminate misinformation
about the importance of vaccines to preventing deaths.

Jeb and others discover the issue of economic inequality
but Boehner and crew slam progressive tax proposals,
fume at the president for executive actions raising wages,
and focus on — you guessed it — overturning Obamacare.

The Administration claims to honor our values worldwide,
but as the Saudi transition reminds us,
our “close allies” have had their own ties to Al Qaeda,
and human rights abuses on their soil we’ve long ignored.

We hear about vaccines for measles and whooping cough
— is there a vaccine to inoculate against hypocrisy?
If so, event anti-vaxxers would welcome it in Washington.

In the meantime, take a shot we can all agree on —
and follow it with a pint of friendship and discussion
at your local progressive social club.

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Heckuva Snow Job

GOP hopefuls play pretend about a new approach,
but at a conservative convening in Iowa,
they keep up their cultural crusades
against gay rights, women's equality and immigrants.

The Tea Party rails against Obamacare
even as Indiana Republicans expand Medicaid,
and Boehner and McConnell admit they don't
have any ideas of what to replace Obamacare with.

And maybe the word "inequality" is on the lips
of Mitt, Jeb, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul --
yet paid sick leave, minimum wage and free college,
are all treated as DOA by the GOP in DC.

We may not have gotten a historic blizzard this week,
but there's still been one heckuva snow job
-- and we're gonna be digging out for a long time.

In the meantime, raise a cool drink with warm company
as you laugh, listen, learn and share libations
at your local, progressive social club.

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AmeriCans but RepubliCan’ts

AmeriCans but RepubliCan’ts

In the State of the Union, the President announced
that Americans can now look ahead with new hope.
But can Republicans move past defunding Obamacare,
blocking women’s rights and their pipeline obsession?

The Prez said together we can make a new economy
with paid sick leave, a higher minimum wage,
free higher education, and a fairer tax code.
Can the GOP get past tax breaks for the super-rich?

And on the 5th Anniversary of Citizens United,
millions of us said we can get big money out of politics.
Yet can the recipients of dark, unregulated money
say no right-wing billionaires and corporate donors?

We know we’re a great country —
and maybe now we have a president ready to fight.
Americans will show a can-do spirit,
but will The Party of No learn to say yes?

Or will Americans contend with Republican’ts?

“Yes, we can” enjoy company and conversation,
lifting liberal values and libations
at your local, progressive social club.

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