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The Trump Slump

America saw incidents of violence and bullying
inspired by the rise of Donald Trump.
And Democrats saw an unlikely contender
overwhelm GOP rivals with unlikely voters.

Now Republicans are having buyer’s remorse
as Senate candidates across the country
reckon with an albatross who could risk their seats
and the RNC considers pulling funds.

And even the candidate himself is reported
to be reckless, erratic, unhappy, frustrated
even as disgraced Roger Ailes joins his ranks.

The Trump Slump affects everyone, it seems.

But as the DOJ ends use of for-profit prisons,
the polling for progressives looks stronger,
and a few U.S. Olympians make history,
maybe some of us — not Trump or the GOP —
are breaking out of the Trump Slump at last.

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as you share camaraderie and a liberal libation
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Making Amendments But Not Amends

Trump says “Second Amendment people”
might have a solution to Hillary Clinton
then against the backlash, amends his comment
to say it was about voting, not an assassination joke.

This knocked out of the headlines
his economic speech which was meant as a reset
after he’d spent a week fighting Gold Star parents,
an action for which has not sought to make amends.

And all of it has led to many Republicans,
from Susan Collins to national security pros,
amending their endorsements before it’s too late.

Trump may invoke the 2nd Amendment
but many Republicans, especially vulnerable Senators,
are wishing the Republican Party
could make a first amendment of its presidential nomination.

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Khan vs. Con

Donald Trump mauled his GOP rivals,
has manhandled most of the media,
but has finally met his match
in Khizr and Ghazala Khan.

He didn't slow after insulting McCain,
attacking Megyn Kelly, inciting violence,
or getting David Duke's endorsement,
but finally there's a wrench in his spokes.

And while he's conned everyone
from Trump U through the GOP primary
to his lack of any vision or details,
for once, for a moment, he's off his game.

Because sincere parents of a man
who died in uniform for his country
-- and happened to be Muslim --
held up a Constitution to the Con Man.

It is Khan vs Con.
And it's not hard to know whose side we're on.

Summer and politics both heat up,
so come cool off with drinks and discussion
at your local progressive social club.

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Time to Give 'Em Hill

Michelle Obama brought us to new heights,
Biden brought us to the brink of tears,
And President Obama brought down the house.
But there's still one more night of the DNC.

RNC speakers spent more time on a caricature
of who they're running against
than on the merits of who they endorsed.
And the DNC sought to erase that cartoon.

Bill told us of the woman he's known for decades.
Kaine told us of the woman he's admired.
And Chelsea will tell us about her mom.

But in the end, there's one more person to hear from.
And tonight, she's ready to Give 'em Hill.

Share a historic moment in an unconventional election
with like-minded lefties and liberal libations
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The Sadly Conventional Donald Trump

It’s been nights of predictable political speeches,
a few D-list celebrities and many children named Trump,
far from the promise of a reality show spectacle
unlike any convention we’d seen before.

When caught in a plagiarism mini-scandal,
the Trump team pointed fingers, denied, lied.
When faced with a Cruz non-endorsement,
the Trump team huffed, puffed and called names.
All pretty standard fare for the Trump campaign.

And we’re told that immigrants are criminals,
political correctness is the cause of our problems
and Hillary Clinton should be locked up —
also that she’s connected to Lucifer.

Despite the unconventional candidate,
this has been a pretty conventional convention.

And the saddest part is Trump’s politics
of divisive, inflammatory, violent bigotry
has echoed across the stage —
meaning his dangerous, extreme rhetoric
is becoming the norm for the GOP
and a predictable part of political discourse.

That’s one new convention we could do without.

If you want to watch, don’t do it alone!
And definitely no need to do it sober.

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so that you don’t have to suffer Trump solo
at your local progressive social club.

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The SusPence is Almost Over

Will Newt make news,
Christie be christened
or Pence end the suspense?

Will Clinton call on Kaine
or coordinate with Castro
or wow us with Warren?

Will the #NeverTrump caucus quit?
Will the DNC end superdelegates?
Will Bernie boosters come to Clinton?
And will there be anything unconventional
in the conventions about to begin?

Many questions at a new phase of elections.
Whether you're excited or exhausted by it all,
some of the the sus-Pence is almost over.

Share your theories and your thirsts
and a night of good company and good politics
at your local progressive social club.

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Under Fire and Over It

Clinton might be out of the furnace
but she's still under fire
for the conclusions of the FBI investigation.

Trump is still in a GOP circular firing squad
while also under fire for anti-Semitic imagery
which he decided not to apologize for.

Even as Sanders and Clinton unite
over a bold college affordability plan
and a likely endorsement next week,
the DNC is under fire for a platform
that failed to address TPP and fracking.

But the real Americans under fire
are Black men and women killed by police,
as happened in Louisiana and Minnesota this week.

When citizens are being gunned down by police,
it makes everyone else's "fire" tame by comparison.
And if you're over Americans being under fire,
time to get fired up or we'll all get burned..

Come share your thoughts and share a pint
as you share the eve with like-minded lefties
at your local progressive social club.

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A Clattering, Battering Political Shattering

Turkey reels from explosions in Istanbul
that terrorized the city, claimed over 40 lives,
and struck at an airport that's a symbol
of the globalized world, where East meets West.

Britain -- and Europe -- reel from a vote
that shatters the long post-war order
and strikes against a symbol of globalization,
with right-wing populism fueling the Brexit.

The GOP continues to reel from its primary
and from its explosive candidate, Donald Trump,
a figure of corporate globalized wealth
running on resentment against globalized wealth.

And he'll either fail so spectacularly,
that he'll threaten the party --
or, like Brexit, he'll succeed so defiantly, ,
that he'll threaten the country.

Clattering politics, battering economic hardships,
unflattering resentments, smatterings of vitriol
are shattering convention and order.

But conventional establishment might not know how
to respond to right-wing. nativist populism.
So it might just be the time for the left-wing variety.

Talk and tattle, ponder and prattle
as you share a summer night with lefty friends
at your local progressive social club..

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