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Romney and McCain Accuse Each Other of Having Hearts

McCain and Romney were in Florida, going on the pilgrimage to the sacred site where Bush stole the election in 2000. (All Republicans must make this visit at least once during their lives.)While in Florida, Romney and McCain also participated in a Republican debate and their own debate over who was a better conservative, as each one tried to prove that the other one was more "liberal," a better person and had functioning heart.

Iraq: Come For The Liberation, Stay For The Souvenirs

I, for one, am THRILLED to learn that though the invasion of Iraq has been a humanitarian, geo-political, economic, death and ethnic cleansing-triggering disaster, these sacrifices were not in vain. Because, although we were not greeted with roses as liberators, at least we can rest assured that the people who started the war got something out of it. No, I'm not referring to no bid contracts for Halliburton and Chevron, silly. That's hardly breaking news! I'm talking about something even better! TOTALLY AWESOME SOUVENIRS for Bush and Cheney. These are the types of souvenirs that literally have Bush and Cheney's names on them. If I didn't know better I'd think they were custom made! It turns out The moribund Vice- President keeps a piece of the house where Abu Musab al Zarqawi died on display in his house. I can only assume this piece complements Cheney's already lovely collection of architectural details of the dead, which Lyn proudly displays on the family mantle. And our cow-boots wearing, tough talking* Commander in Chief has his own "wish you were here" souvenir: a pistol U.S.soldiers pulled out of Saddam Hussein's hands, when he was liberated from his spider hole, a perfect addition to Bush's growing cowboy dress-up collection, which no longer fits in the Lincoln Bedroom.


If a Politician Gives a Speech, and Nobody's There to Believe...

The President delivered a State of the Union
but nobody believed a word he said,
...& it's as though the Address never happened.

A candidate ran on nothing
other than fear and the phrase "9/11,"
...& it's as though Rudy 9iu11ani never existed.

A party doesn't stand for anything
so its candidates duck, dodge & dig up dirt
...& McCain & Romney are just white noise.

But Obama & Clinton -- who'd both been criticized
for not standing by convictions with actions or votes
-- both showed up for the domestic spying fight in DC
(while McCain stayed on the campaign trail)
...and their supporters, and the nation, noticed.

And Edwards, in dropping out, made one last case
for the candidates to pledge to combat poverty...
& left the race having had impact on it.

A reminder to all: stand for what you believe in,
or else the American people will be leaving.

And a warning: if a politician gives a speech
& nobody's there to believe, does it make a sound?

Ask 9iu11iani...he's now got the time to answer.

Raise a glass to the ideas Edwards raised
& down a pint to the downfall of Rudy
as you share ideas and a couple pitchers
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Because Rudy Has Left the Building

Given the events in Florida, the city that gave Rudy to the world, is elated to welcome him home...because at least it means he won't be going to DC.

No party ever wants him as a member

Share the sweet taste of hubris-laid-low
with a sip of schadenfreude as we celebrate
the early retirement of Rudy 9iu11iani
& dance on his political grave.

Rudy has climaxed his political power play
& that's reason for New Yorkers to party
at a bar called Rudy's, of course.

Hosted by Drinking Liberally

Progressive partisans and partiers,
& New Yorkers who waited for this day.

A reason to raise your glass high
as hubris and the voters of Florida lay Rudy low.
Once they got to know him, the rest of America felt
the same way about him New Yorkers felt for years.

Rudy's Bar - (what could be better?)
home of the original Drinking Liberally
9th Ave btw 44th & 45th
backyard, in the heated tent

Thursday, 1/31
7:30 onward (at least midnight)

Through everything Rudy couldn't stand:
artistic expression, free speech & public joy.

Want More?
Justin Krebs
justin (at)

Bush's Last Dance

The State of the Union is that peculiar time of year when President Bush's advisors get "creative": Mars! Human-animal hybrids! Hydrogen-powered cars! And could forget the classic uranium-from-Niger?

What will Bush's contribution be this year? A distraction or a deception? A lie or a laugh? While we can't know everything he'll say, we know some of it: which is what allows our friends to create the ever-dependable "State of the Union Drinking Game."

Whether you're sipping at "Freedom," taking a shot at references to Middle East peace, or gulping when the camera shows Ted Kennedy, drinking is just about the only way to watch Bush's Last Dance.

And if you want to watch with friends, check out whether your local Drinking Liberally chapters is hosting a watch party (in New York, we'll be at DCTV in Chinatown).

Make your predictions in the comments, download the game, and get good and liquored up for an evening that recognizes all good things come to an end...and so will the Bush Administration.

Plus, enjoy a cartoonish observation from Laughing Liberally's Lee Camp:

Candidates Start Talking Job Loss...Just as They Start Losing Their Jobs

After months talking about overturning Roe v Wade
- ignoring recession, environment & other issues -
Fred Thompson aborted his own campaign
the day after Roe's 35th Anniversary.

Fear-monger Tom Tancredo's anti-immigrant message
failed with Americans who face real economic fears,
& Tom escapes across the border into civilian life
without even a Congressional seat next year.

After 6 Primary drubbings, voters may return
Giuliani to a pre-9/11 world: disgraced & dismissed
-- for focusing on one day 6 years ago
rather than everyday problems right now.

After denying recession, no wonder candidates
start talking about Americans losing jobs...
...they're all becoming unemployed themselves.

Clinton & Obama: there's work in the Senate
to block amnesty for telephone companies...
get back to your responsibilities in DC
or your job prospects may diminish as well.

Employ yourself engaging & imbibing
as you debate, drink & democratize
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

In 2008, Will the US Recede or Re-Seed?

As the US heads toward a recession,
the Bush team is slow to act,
the GOP wants Bush's tax cuts permanent
...but what about investing in our future?

In the tightest 2 party primary in decades,
media coverage recedes to simplifications,
sensationalizing race & highlighting tears
rather than cultivating deeper discussion.

On climate change, international health & peace,
GOP candidates retreat from the global community
instead of planting the seeds of collaboration.

After 7 years of moral & political recession,
we can further recede...or can we now re-seed?

In one year, a new Pres will be inaugurated
...let's make sure it's a step forward.

Pontificate on the primaries with political pals
as you share your predictions & a pint or two
at you local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Who Let All These Voters Decide?

Clinton was inevitable, Huckabee ignored,
& youth turnout would be low in cold Iowa.
Then people actually went to the polls.

Five days later, New Hampshire independents
didn't crown Obama, cratering Clinton prevailed
& McCain, first unbeatable, then DOA, won.

As every confident prediction's proved wrong,
& every TV talking head has had to back-pedal,
huge voter turnout has made history:
choosing the first Black candidate to win Iowa
& the first female to win New Hampshire.

Conventional wisdom may be conventional
...but it isn't always wise.

The polls and pundits were doing so well --
Why do these voters keep screwing everything up?

If only Congress & the President recognized
that on ending the war, healthcare & more
voters may know better than pundits as well.

Share a pint...and maybe a prediction
(we won't blame you when it turns our wrong)
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.