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A Clattering, Battering Political Shattering

Turkey reels from explosions in Istanbul
that terrorized the city, claimed over 40 lives,
and struck at an airport that's a symbol
of the globalized world, where East meets West.

Britain -- and Europe -- reel from a vote
that shatters the long post-war order
and strikes against a symbol of globalization,
with right-wing populism fueling the Brexit.

The GOP continues to reel from its primary
and from its explosive candidate, Donald Trump,
a figure of corporate globalized wealth
running on resentment against globalized wealth.

And he'll either fail so spectacularly,
that he'll threaten the party --
or, like Brexit, he'll succeed so defiantly, ,
that he'll threaten the country.

Clattering politics, battering economic hardships,
unflattering resentments, smatterings of vitriol
are shattering convention and order.

But conventional establishment might not know how
to respond to right-wing. nativist populism.
So it might just be the time for the left-wing variety.

Talk and tattle, ponder and prattle
as you share a summer night with lefty friends
at your local progressive social club..

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Standing Up and Sitting In vs Shutting Down and Shutting Off

House Democrats stage a sit-in in Congress
to demand action to reduce gun violence.
GOP shuts down C-SPAN cameras, shuts off lights,
and sits on its hands in response to the crisis.

Senate Dems stood up to filibuster the status quo,
speaking up for commonsense background checks,
while Republicans stood down to the NRA
and voted to shut down any chance for progress.

While Dems focus on wrong and limited measures,
fixating on the problematic “watch list,”
Americans step up for an assault weapons ban,
which we had until the right wing squashed it down.

Following Orlando, folks are choosing sides:
stand up, sit in, speak up, step up —
or slow down, shut off, stand in the way, shut down.

And it’s time various Republicans and some Dems
to sit down, shut up, or step out of the way.

Dialogue, debate, disagree, delight,
while sharing a liberal drink on a lovely night
with your local progressive social club.

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Orlando, Outraged and Overwhelmed

The largest mass shooting in modern history
murders 50 and injures many more,
and while we do send thoughts and prayers to Orlando
it’s also clear thoughts and prayers just aren’t enough.

We could end vitriol against the LGBTQ community
which was the target of the attack.
We could tackle the fast-killing assault weapons
which have no place in our homes, towns and cities.

We can tighten background checks,
invest more in mental health screening and support,
— or we could do all of the above and more.

Yet, the NRA calls for more guns,
the GOP nominee calls to ban Muslims,
and even the Dems who mount a vigorous filibuster
focus a poor strategy on the flawed “watch list”
—not believing they can take on assault weapons.

People in Orlando and around the country grieve
donate, volunteer, demand & stand in solidarity.
We are overwhelmed and we are outraged.

But Politicians on the right give outrageous responses
and on the left are outrageously unable to find
an opportunity for progress in this overwhelming moment.

We’re all overwhelmed. We’re all outraged.
We all stand with Orlando.
But solidarity, like thoughts and prayers, still isn’t enough.

Share your reflections, reactions, ideas for actions,
as you share liberal drinks and share liberal values
at your local progressive social club.

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Knockout Punch?

With victories on a big primary night,
Hillary Clinton delivered a blow --
to the glass ceiling of presidential primaries.

Bernie Sanders is still standing for now
with a campaign mobilizing millions
defying convention, driving toward the Convention
and pounding on a stagnant political establishment.

And Donald Trump is taking hit after hit --
from critics, the media and fellow Republicans --
for racist comments about federal judges.
Yet keeps on standing round after round.

Who will be the Muhammad Ali of politics,
floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee,
and delivering the knock out punch
that will lay Donald flat on the mat?

As one bell rings, we bid farewell to a champ,
and as other bells are ringing,
we come closer to bidding farewell to the primary.

As always, cheer, jeer, and share a beer
as you trade ideas, energy and a few jabs
at your local progressive social club.

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Trump: So Broke He's Breaking Us All

It's reported that Donald Trump's greatest grief
is that the greedy grubber's not as rich as he wishes
and he's hiding his tax returns to hide the fact
that he's not broke, but he's no billionaire either.

Trump University was a broken promise,
leaving students broke and broken
as more revelations of the fraud break each day.

Trump pitches bankrupt values
and a broken mess of bankrupting policies
as he breaks every rule of democratic discourse
with a campaign that's reportedly close to broke.

Yes, his broke campaign isn't broken,
as he surges in polls, dominates the news
and this broken broke bloke breaks out
threatening to break our democracy.

He's so broke, he might break us all.

Break out of political despair
as you break into lively political conversation
at your local progressive social club.

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If Abraham Lincoln Weren’t Dead, This Would Kill Him

Abraham Lincoln fought to end slavery,
preserve our Constitution and reunify America.
Donald Trump has the support of white supremacists,
disregards the Constitution and divides America.

Teddy Roosevelt took on the trusts,
while ushering in progressive reforms.
Trump wants to outsource government to CEOs
and rollback every progressive act under Obama.

Susan B. Anthony fought for women’s rights.
Trump opposes equal pay, suggested punishment
for making medical choices about women’s health,
and abusively, aggressive degrades women.

Lincoln, Roosevelt, Anthony were all Republicans.
Trump has now clinched the GOP nomination.

Good thing Abe, Teddy, and Susan B. are long gone.
Otherwise, this would have killed them.

Toast to the demise of the “grand” old party,
lament at what Trump’s campaign means for America
and take comfort in cold drinks and warm company
at your local progressive social club.

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Bathroom, Bigots, Bullies and BS

Liberals call North Carolina's "bathroom bill" bigotry
and praise the president's pro-transgender policy.
Conservatives accuse Obama of imperial overreach
while bolting to get more states into the bathroom business.

Liberals see the new overtime regulations
as a much-needed boost to hard-working Americans.
Conservatives call it job-killing tyranny.

Liberals see in Trump an unqualified charlatan,
ill-suited, intemperate, in bed with racists and xenophobes.
Republicans see their next nominee
and with surprising speed unify behind their standard-bearer.

Liberals and conservatives always have different opinions.
But sometimes, it feels like we live on different planets.

Who knew how many ways one could look
at bathrooms, bigots and bullies?
And just how much BS each could inspire?

And the election season is only getting stranger.

Share your views, sip some booze, nothing to lose
with like-minded, left-leaning libation lifters
at your local, progressive social club.

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GOP: The Visions and Divisions

Trump offers competing visions for America —
that compete with Democrats, with Republicans,
and even competes with his own visions
that he’d stated just days before.

The Bushes and some senators peel off from Trump,
Paul Ryan backs away, then backtracks forward,
and many Republicans leaders try to avoid
admitting if they’ll back the Republican nominee.

And yet, Democrats, don’t be gleeful —
because Republican voters seem less divided
than the elected officials of their party,
and have unified behind Trump in recent polls
more quickly than anyone envisioned.

Are we on the brink of Republican division,
or might we fall prey to a Republican vision
of winning the White House behind a bigoted bully
who will give our nominee a run for the money?

An election year full of surprises
as candidates eye the highest prizes.

Get away from it all, and get in good company
as you share your visions and libations
at your local progressive social club.

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