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The Best Laid Plans

While right wingers planned a government shutdown
over their plans to defund Planned Parenthood,
Boehner announced an unplanned retirement,
keeping the government open a few more months.

Oklahoma planned to execute an innocent man,
and the Supreme Court was going to let it happen
until the governor's surprise 5-week stay,
which extends the saga of Richard Glossip.

And while the US searches for a plan in Syria,
and the world grasps at plans for refugees,
Russia's sudden spate of airstrikes,
has us all seriously scrambling in Syria.

Things don't always go according to plan.
Just ask Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders,
and the still-planning Joe Biden.

The best laid plans of mice and men...

One thing you can plan on:
politics, pints and positive people
at your local progressive social club.

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Pope and Change

Pope Francis comes to America
and talks about the climate crisis facing us all,
while President Obama makes climate change
the next - and last? - priority of his presidency.

The Pope invokes the Golden Rule
in how we treat immigrants and refugees,
while Obama raises the US refugee quotas
and continues pushing expanded immigrant rights.

Francis discusses diplomacy,
highlights the challenge of poverty,
calls for the end of the death penalty,
Your move, President Obama.

Meanwhile, the GOP wants to shut down
the government over Planned Parenthood.

After 7 years, we’re seeing Obama
enact some of the changes he championed.
But in the face of Republican opposition,
can the Pope help add pop to this agenda?

Forget hope and change.
Let’s see about Pope and Change.

Share your thoughts, hopes and a few drinks
as you gather with like-minded likable lefties
at your local progressive social club.

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The Stopped Clock

Today, the 60-day countdown clock expires,
meaning war hawks and Republicans have failed
to sabotage the diplomatic deal with Iran.

Last night, in a debate of backward and baseless ideas,
11 Republicans tried to turn back the clock
on women’s rights, diplomacy, gay rights and science.

And in Texas, a teenage tinkerer was arrested
at school for a science project: a home-made clock.
A proud clock — a shameful stop.

Rand Paul’s defense of not bombing Syria
and John Kasich’s claim you can’t just shred deals
proved that stopped clocks can be right twice a day.
But in Texas, that’s one clock-stop that’s 100% wrong.

If you’re ready to get off the clock,
come for timely conversation and tasty beers
at you local progressive social club.

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Refugees. Refuse-ees. Reuse-ees.

Instead of seizing an opportunity for diplomacy,
Republicans are finding absurd new ways
to reject, obstruct, sabotage and distract,
in a futile tantrum to stop the Iran nuclear deal.

As a refugee crisis grabs global attention,
conservatives return to their own refuge:
slashing aid budgets, shutting borders,
shuttering hospitality and shooting their mouths.

Fueled by prez hopefuls who need to make news
but realizing they have no new ideas,
the GOP use a baseless assault on Planned Parenthood
as a basis for shutting down the government...again.

They’re recycling old tactics, blocking progress
and taking solace in being the Party of No.
When they're not to busy celebrating
Kim Davis, the biggest Refuser of them all.

The world is talking about refugees.
The GOP is a bunch of Refuse-ees and Reuse-ees.

Whether marking hopeful history in the making tonight,
or the eve of somber history made 14 years ago,
do so with left-leaning friends and liberal libations
at your local progressive social club.

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Summer Crazy, Some Are Crazier

Congress returns next week to debate Iran,
met with a speech by disgraced Dick Cheney
and a rally by divisive Donald Trump --
and that's how war hawks hope to gain support!

We experience another summer of record heat,
wildfires and unnatural weather patterns,
yet the GOP refutes the facts of climate change
to defy the president, the Pope and science.

The global economy lurches and lunges,
crises of migrants in Europe, refugees in Syria,
but the right wing would rather focus
on a Kentucky clerk's "right" to nullify equality
and their obsession with Clinton's emails.

It's been a weird, wild, worrisome few months,
and the GOP presidential race ups the stakes.
Because you might say that summer's crazy,
but you can definitely say some are crazier.

A final summery toast with friends
to kick off long discussions on a long weekend
at your local progressive social club.

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Volatile, Vulnerable and Not So Venerable

Stocks plunge and rise turbulently,
but the rising stock of Bernie Sanders
and rising shock of Trump staying power
are the more surprising stories of the week.

The global economy’s in the headlines,
but our heads and hearts turn to Virginia,
where a senseless horror would stun us
if gun violence weren’t so unsurprising.

And while the markets maybe start to settle,
GOP candidates get unsettled
going all out against diplomacy with Iran,
while Biden may shake it all up by going all in.

It’s a world that’s volatile and vulnerable,
where very little is venerable --
and compared to this week of news,
the stock market actually looks calm.

Escape, elate, revive and relate
over a cold drink in this hot summer
at your local, progressive social club.

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Congressional Recess or Congressional Regress?

Congressional Recess or Congressional Regress?

Congress is enjoying their summer break,
but many Republicans are eager to return to DC
to launch baseless, ruthless attacks against
one of America’s critical women’s health providers.

For many, summer break is peace and quiet,
but for the neocons it’s war and noise,
as they spend August sensationally saber-rattling
and seeking to sink a diplomatic deal with Iran.

And meanwhile, there’s no vacation at all
for GOP hopefuls hanging in Iowa and NH,
as they race to the right and raise their voices
to find some air Trump hasn’t sucked up already.

So much for a summer of love.
Looking at the Republican Party,
it’s less a recess, and more a regress.

As they often say about these August days,
it’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity …

Cool down with a cold beer and chill company,
sharing values, sips and a night out
at your local, progressive social club.

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The Good-ish, The Bad, The Really Really Ugly

The first GOP debate featured a competition to see
who would treat immigrants the most cruelly,
slash Planned Parenthood the most ferociously,
and mock Hillary Clinton the most egregiously.

Jeb bragged that he didn’t go by “Bush,”
Walker boasted he fought against working people,
and Carson was the only candidate to talk race
by insisting he wouldn’t talk about race.

Chris Christie huffed, Rand Paul puffed,
and Donald Trump blew the house down
picking a fight with Fox News in the process.

In the end, John Kasich looked reasonable
for saying he’d gone to a gay wedding,
Rick Perry looked bad for not being on stage,
and everyone looked foolish trying to trump Trump.

It was the good-ish, the bad,
and the really, really ugly —
and it was only the first debate.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is feeling the Bern
and Joe Biden is bidin’ his time.

Share reactions, take actions,
and enjoy some casual interactions
at your local progressive social club.

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