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A May Day Mayday!

Barr should be barred as AG & disbarred
for his lies and obstruction in service of a man
whose criminality and corruption
is unquestionably, unignorably impeachable.

Yet Trump continues his attacks:
filing a suit to take down the entire ACA,
creating a crisis to criminalize asylum-seekers,
repeating lies to stoke fear about abortions. his administration seeks a new war
in Venezuela, Iran or where they can find it
to divert us from his legal woes & low polls
and feed his military industrial allies.

As we marked a May Day,
we need to be shouting "mayday!"
seeking help for our democracy & society
—from Dem leaders, courts, media,
& ultimately from the American voters.

Toast workers rights, immigrant rights
& ideas on the left that you know are right
at your local progressive social club.

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Everyone's Biden' Their Time

Trump’s stonewalling Congress,
Ordering his team to resist subpoenas,
Hoping by biding his time
He can outlast the Mueller fallout

House Dems aren’t ready to impeach
Despite Trump’s abuses of power,
Instead leaning on more hearings,
Biding their time, not charging ahead.

Whule Sanders, Warren, Harris, Buttigieg
& 16 others are running hard,
the 800 lbs gorilla who was biding his time
Has just made it official: Joe is in.

Seems like everyone was biden' their time ...
What will change now that it's Biden time?

Predict, pontificate, ponder, persist,
over political pints with pundit pals
at your local progressive social club.

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Redaction Reactions

The redacted Mueller report proves
that ****** is ******* and ******,
that Barr is full of **********
& Trump's team of corrupt criminals
should be ********* once and for all.

Trump vetoes bipartisan efforts to end
US involvement in the Yemen crisis,
supporting inhumane Saudi actions
over basic humanitarian need.

He attacks immigrants at every turn,
Barr seeks to punish asylum-seekers,
Stephen Miller criminalizes refugees
& the GOP stands by in complicity.

Trump is a pro at provoking reactions
& with Barr in charge of DOJ, every action
has an equal and opposite redaction.

Now it's up to Democratic leaders,
grassroots people power
& the American voter to take action.

Share your redaction reactions,
inflection reflections & libation sensations
at your local, progressive social club.

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The Urge to Purge

Trump purges immigration agencies,
pushing out the monsters responsible
for family separation policies
to install new monsters ready to enforce
an even more brutal anti-immigrant agenda.

Barr continues to bar the Mueller report
with vague pledges, delayed timelines
& plans to purge the report of info
before Congress & the public can see it.

Mnuchin ends up in deep water,
mansplaining & obstructing Maxine Waters,
& Treasury refuses to release Trump's returns
while the GOP tax scam hits the rest of us.

The GOP purges decency & democracy,
Trump purges sanity & humanity,
but it's voters looking at right-wing leaders
who feel the strongest urge to purge.

Rise up, raise your spirits and a pint
with real talk & a rejuvenating evening
at your local progressive social club.

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Democratic Rules vs. White House Fools

Barr continues to stall,
Democratic leaders subpoena,
Mueller's team start to leak,
while the public, which isn't fooled,
wants to see the full report.

Trump says windmills cause cancer,
he threatens to close the border
to amp up a manufactured crisis
& 25 security clearance denials
were reversed by White House meddling.

McConnell changes Senate rules
to rush through court picks.
Biden contends with rules of engagement
after a career of too-close contact.
And House Dems use the rules
to demand 6 years of tax returns.

Will societal rules & democratic tools
combined with people-power fuel
confront the fools who try to rule?
If only it all were just April Fools. ...

Ponder politics or just just enjoy a night
with like-minded lefties & liberal libations
at your local progressive social club.

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No Mueller Time at This Barr?

The world waited for Mueller time,
but we got turned away at the Barr,
as a handpicked partisan appointee
exonerated with a summary
while suppressing the full report.

The same AG under White House orders
is now seeking to invalidate the ACA
as emboldened Trump turns to his passion
of attacking health care, Medicaid
& protections for pre-existing conditions.

The GOP in the House sit on the their hands
to sustain Trump's veto of the vote to end
his fake national emergency --
while Senate GOP mocks climate change
insisting we all have more babies.

And meanwhile Trump looks to slash
Special Olympics, Big Bird, Puerto Rico relief,
while grabbing money to build his wall.

Trump acts triumphant
while craven corruption continues
but no tantrums or tweets can exonerate
his hubris & Republican recklessness.

And while he may have Barr, in the end
guys who act like him get thrown out of the bar.

Much to think on and drink on,
to cheer, jeer, and share a beer
with your local political social club.

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Beg Your Pardon?

A bipartisan vote in the Senate
rebuked Trump's warmaking,
pushing to disrupt US-Saudi relations
& end our support for the war in Yemen.

Another bipartisan vote today
may rebuff Trump's fake national emergency,
seeking to end his illegal & unconstitutional
power grab to build his racist wall.

Trump's former campaign chair
just got sentenced to more years jail
putting pressure on Trump
to potentially pardon his pal.

And when Trump relented to ground Boeing,
it showed he does sometimes succumb
to popular outrage & public pressure.

He's getting rebuked & rebuffed,
cornered, confronted, pushed & pilloried --
but how much pressure will it take
until he begs your pardon?

Share what you wonder & join for a wander
as we raise a glass, our voices & our spirits
at your local progressive social club.

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Pros and Cons (and Cohen)

Michael Cohen’s testimony revealed
more about Trump’s crimes and corruption,
more about GOP cowardice and complicity,
& confident competent questioning
by a new Democratic majority.

The breakdown in talks with North Korea
ended high theatrics of two power-mad men
and stalled the cause of peace
even while in the White House
explores the world for new wars.

The Democratic House makes progress
with a gun bill, family separation hearings,
voting to end the fake national emergency.
But GOP senators say little & do even less.

Progressive professionals on one side.
Conservative con men up and down the other.
It’s been week of pros and cons… and Cohen.
...With the Republicans showing themselves
to truly be the party of Don the Con.

Many reasons to talk & a few to toast
as you share dialogue and drinks
at your local progressive social club.

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