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Is Cruelty a Pre-existing Condition?

The Republicans are about to vote
to take health care from 24 million Americans
and end protections for pre-existing conditions
like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Trump is about to sign executive orders
granting permission to churches and charities
to get political, such as opposing LGBTQ rights,
with the tax-deductible donations they receive.

ICE pushes aggressive deportations,
the GOP pushes tax giveaways to the rich,
and yet they push against any investigations
into the truth behind Trump and Russia.

James Comey said he was “mildly nauseous”
that he might have influenced the election.
But “mildly” isn’t quite nauseous enough
for what’s happening in Washington right now.

And if the House repeals the ACA,
then there’s no help.
Because their cruelty is a pre-existing condition
for which it looks like there’ll be no treatment.

But we stumped Trump’s budget priorities so far,
we marched with pride on May Day,
and the Resistance will rise in response to repeal.

In the meantime, find camaraderie and conversation
as you share a much-needed drink
at your local progressive social club.

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100 Daze

100 days into an administration failing and flailing,
rushing a vote on disastrous health care repeal,
releasing half baked tax plans, saber-rattling for a war,
making conflicting comments on NAFTA,
all to desperately score a "win" by the 100 day mark.

100 days into a White House that outright lies,
a Cabinet of billionaires, endless conflicts of interest,
attacks on the Constitution, free press, judges,
Muslims, immigrants, climate and government itself,
and constant revelations of Russian ties.

100 days of resistance rising in response,
at marches and airports, town halls and on phones,
blocking repeal, saying no to bans,
forcing Sessions' recusal and Bannon's demotion,
but facing new challenges every day.

The abnormality of this craze can put you in a haze,
the constant outrages can make you glaze,
and you might feel like this really marks 100 daze.

But we can't normalize this administration as a "phase."
For the next 100 days and beyond, the Resistance stays.
And the Resistance grows, until this administration goes.

Mark the days or escape the craze
as you raise a glass and raise you voice
at your local progressive social club.

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We’ve Got to Work Our Ossoff

Is it more frightening that Trump
escalated military tensions with North Korea
or that the U.S. fleet was nowhere near
where the White House thought it was?

Is it satisfying to witness O’Reilly’s ouster
or infuriating since it’s taken 2 decades
of bad politics and abusive behavior
before he was removed from the air?

And as Tillerson threatens Iran,
Exxon tries to make Russian deals,
and ICE deports protected immigrants,
for every Trump agenda item we thwart
there are a dozen more outrages sprouting.

But then a progressive candidate
surges into first in a Republican district,
evidence that Trump can be trumped,
and Republicans may get thumped and dumped.

Trump may scare our butts off,
but we just have to work our Ossoff.

So if you’re ready to get off
on company, conversation and camaraderie
come lift a pint and make a point
at your local progressive social club.

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No Tact, Yes Tax, Too Many Attacks

Trump launches missiles into Syria
with no plan and no authorization,
and now considers more of the same
in Syria, North Korea and beyond.

Republicans ready to tackle tax overhaul
as Americans prepare for Tax Day,
and a national call for Trump’s taxes
so we can learn who’s been paying his bills.

Spicer disqualifies himself as a spokesperson,
protesters pack Congressional town halls,
and more Trump Russia revelations
amplify the calls for independent investigations.

Easter has a message of renewal,
Passover of freedom,
but Trump’s message is recklessness and secrecy
amidst attacks, taxes, and no tact whatsoever.

Find friends festive, feisty and a little fierce
as we debate, discuss, delight and drink
at your local progressive social club.

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Nuclear Republicans, Newly Clear Democrats

Democrats show spine to stop Gorsuch,
a right-wing judge tapped for a lifetime seat
by a White House under criminal investigation.
So McConnell will go nuclear to ram him through.

White supremacist and warmonger Steve Bannon
is removed from the National Security Council!
But Trump beats the drum for military action
against North Korea, Iran, even Syria.

Devin Nunes, the House Intelligence chair,
steps aside from investigations into Trump-Russia
after compromising himself and his committee.
But the GOP resists an independent investigation.

Republicans turn vicious toward each other
over their failure to blow up health care so far,
while Dems hold new clarity and resolve …
but will Dems stay strong on tax deforms next?

While Republicans go with nuclear options,
Democrats have found newly clear options
of putting up a principled fight.

Now let’s hope they new clear Democrats
keep standing up to nuclear Republicans
over new wars, tax talks, and the fights ahead.

Want to share or care, vent or rant,
raise your voice, ideas, and a glass
at your local progressive social club.

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We Stopped Repeal. Now How About We Replace?

The ridiculous Republican “Repeal and Replace”
was roundly and resoundingly rejected,
a relief to Americans who rely on the ACA,
and reason to rejoice for Dems who found their resolve.

Trump’s team’s Russia ties tangle tighter and tighter,
as the House Intel Chair compromises himself,
the Kushners get pulled deeper in the web,
and the FBI leaks become a flood.

Yet Republicans hedge on investigations,
and support Trump’s lifetime Supreme Court nominee,
despite ongoing criminal investigations
that may completely deligitimize the administration.

We may have stopped “Repeal and Replace,”
but maybe we could come back to “Replace”—
replacing this whole administration
and the Congress that keeps backing them.

Meanwhile, revive, rejuvenate, reconnoiter,
and rejoice at the defeat of Trumpcare
at your local progressive social club.

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Collusion and Collision

The FBI director appears before Congress,
the House Intel chair privately briefs Trump,
amidst new reports of hard evidence of collusion
as Trump’s Russia ties rush into the headlines.

Republicans collude on a rushed repeal
to take healthcare from 24 million Americans,
but face intra-party collisions between
moderates feeling pressure from voters
and right-wingers who think it doesn’t repeal enough.

And as Trump’s Court pick gets a hearing,
Democratic leaders demand no action on Gorsuch
until criminal investigations into Trump are complete
setting up a collision over the contested confirmation.

But as some Dems consider breaking a filibuster,
the real collision might come with their constituents,
who won’t tolerate their careless collaboration.

Collusion, collision, and one conclusion:
You deserve conversation and a libation
at your local progressive social club.

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Unhealthy, Unwealthy, Unwise

The majority of Americans, including Republicans,
dislike the GOP plan to repeal Obamacare,
which would increase the uninsured by 24 million.
So Paul Ryan tries to pass it even more quickly.

The courts again block Trump’s Muslim ban,
noting the same problems of the first Muslim ban
which had already been ruled unconstitutional.
So Trump just pledges to try it again.

Trump’s 2005 taxes tell us what we know:
That there’s far more we need to know
about who he owes and his entanglements.
But his team is focused on bizarre wiretap claims
to deflect from the calls to investigate his Russia ties.

And meanwhile, Trump has a budget
that cuts the EPA, NEA, Meals on Wheels and PBS.
But puts more money into missiles and The Wall.

From a plan to attack our healthcare,
to a budget that eviscerates our communities
to unconstitutional influences and assaults,
the GOP agenda is Unhealthy, Unwealthy and Unwise.

Need a change? Raise a toast to your health,
share the wealth of friendship,
and wise up with engaging conversation
at your local, progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.