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The Fires and the Furies

As wildfires rage in California,
the GOP rages against environmental laws,
Trump targets rules that reduce pollution,
and the right-wing denies climate change.

With Manafort on trial, Giuliani on a tear
& Trump's close allies on the hot seat,
Trump responds to the high heat
by suggesting Sessions fire Mueller.

Senate Republicans push right-wing judges,
House GOP tries to impeach Rosenstein,
nobody is held accountable for family separation,
and the White House is still attacking health care.

When faced with a fire, Trump's instict
is to add fuel to the ferocious flame.
But if we're feeling furious & fired up,
the main fire we can focus on
is firing the GOP this November.

In the meantime, cool off
with cold drinks & chill company
at your local progressive social club.

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Checks and Imbalances

House Republicans go after Rosenstein
while giving Trump a free pass
& after a momentary rage over Putin,
they've mostly decided to forgive & forget.

Trump launches a Twitter war with Iran,
which may lead to a real war with Iran,
yet Congress won't reassert its role
to stop a mad king from madder wars.

The White House punishes journalists,
ignores court orders on reunification,
& pushes a nominee for the Supreme Court
who thinks a president can be above the law.

We believe in checks and balances --
but there's a seriously imbalanced White House
and the only checks we're hearing about
are the ones Cohen paid Stormy Daniels.

Find some balance & split the check
as you imbibe and expound
at your local progressive social club.

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Treason's the Reason for the Season

Trump stood by his man Putin
instead of standing by the U.S.,
attacking U.S. intelligence
& clearly undermining his own.

Some Republicans spoke up,
but none took any action
to defend the Mueller investigation
which has produced more indictments.

And Trump, under fire, backpedaled,
claiming it was all a double negative.
Then doubled down on his lies,
negating Trump's credibility further.

The more Trump pumps Putin,
the more we need Trump put in his place:
Under pressure, under a microscope,
under oath—and potentially under indictment.

With all the talks of Russians,
let's hope the truth will rush in,
as we all get ready for Mueller Time.

For now, seems like
treason's the reason for the season.

Pick up your spirits & raise a pint
as you share a night & your thoughts
at your local progressive social club.

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Putin His Plan In Place

An archly conservative nominee,
Kavanaugh could overturn Roe,
undo climate regs, side with Big Biz,
& contend a president is unindictable.

Trump lashes out at NATO,
enjoying the chaos he creates
as he fights with longtime allies
& recklessly rumbles toward London.

While he avoids meeting Mueller
who's investigating Russian interference,
he finds time to prioritize a Putin pow wow.

From creating a generational court legacy
to upending generations of world order,
Trump's really putin' his plan in place

The world wasn't in great shape to start,
but boy is Trump working hard
to make it a whole lot worse.

Find consolation & camaraderie
as you find thirst-quenching conversation
at your local progressive social club.

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The Fourth of July or Force of You-Lie

Any day we could have court nominee
who could cast a deciding vote
in decisions that would repeal rights
& rollback protections for Americans.

Republicans in Congress have failed
to protect separated families,
ensure food stamps to kids in need
or defend the Constitution from Trump.

Cabinet secretaries separate children,
detain families, commit terrorizing acts,
but the media scolds are concerned
that dinners in DC are interrupted.

At the center is a man whose lies,
defiance of justice, attacks on communities,
& rampant kleptocratic corruption
are being treated as the new normal
as we mark this Fourth of You-Lie

As we celebrate the birth of our country,
let's make sure we're not also marking
the death of our democracy.

Raise a toast to the country we want to be
& raise your spirits against the time we're in
at tonight's local progressive club.

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Supremely Bad to Supremely Worse

The Supreme Court allowed Texas
to draw racially discriminatory districts,
enshrining voter suppression further in law.

Then the Court upheld Trump's Muslim ban,
making good on his racist campaign pledge
& upending the American doctrine
of no religious tests for coming to our shores.

Yesterday, they ruled against unions,
dealing a huge blow to organized labor
& the gains we've all made in our rights
as a result of a history of union organizing.

The Supreme Court seemed bad already.
Then Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement,
a threat to Roe v. Wade & marriage equality,
& a shadow over potential cases
on family separation, the ACA & Russia probe.

Things just went from
Supremely Bad to Supremely Worse.

And it's a weird day when you mourn the guy
who just made a series of horrible decisions.
But retiring is somehow the worst choice of all.

We'll take to the streets this Saturday
to say Families Belong Together
& then to the streets again
to stop supremely right-wing takeover,
until we take power back --
but until then, we'll take to the bar as well.

You deserve a drink & liberal company
where the spirits pour freely
at your local progressive social club.

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Summer Heatful and Some Are Hateful

Trump's team has separated families,
traumatized children, allowed abuses
& now Trump wants praise for reacting
to a crisis that his admin manufactured.

His solution leaves thousands of kids
terrified, alone, separated from families
while directing indefinite detention
of kids and families without due process.

All the while, he's attacking immigrants
in his policies and his rhetoric,
criminalizing folks seeking refuge,
& trying to blame Democrats at every turn.

It's the start of summer & we're feeling the heat
in the air, in our politics & in grassroots energy.
But we're also feeling the hate from Trump
& finding ways to bring our hearts to the forefront.

Summer is heat-ful, and some are hateful,
but with a national grassroots uprising,
maybe we can push for a summer of love.

Share your love of politics and pints,
of liberals & libations, discussion & democracy
at your local, progressive social club.

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What Do You Get a Madman Who Has Everything?

Trump's historic meeting with Kim
is short on detail, high on self-praise,
included a mock-up of a movie trailer
& would give the world hope
except for the two madmen involved.

He's so insecure that to prove he's powerful,
he tears immigrant kids from families,
hurls insults at allied world leaders,
& pursues a Twitter fight with Robert DeNiro.

His fixer Michael Cohen loses his lawyers,
his charity is sued by New York state,
his old friend Manafort may lose bail,
and even Sarah Huckabee Sanders
is heading to the exit.

And it's Trump's birthday!
But what do you get a madman
who already has money and power?

Right-wing voters are giving him
white nationalist, secessionist candidates!

His staff is giving him turnover,
headaches, leaks, and bad advice.

Maybe the rest of us should give something:
An indictment or an impeachment sound right.

Raise our hopes, humors, and glasses
as we toast summer & share a night
at your local progressive social club.

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