The Nation Guide to the Nation

The Nation has published a great new Guide to the Nation, a directory of great liberal gems, secrets, historical hotspots all around the country, from fair trade coffee houses to independent bookstores, liberty-loving burlesque to vegan erotica, film festivals, fairs and beer gardens of course!

You can check out the book on your own -- or join your local chapter of Drinking Liberally to share your favorite local liberal hide-aways...and argue over what the book should have included.

Several chapters are hosting events coming soon -- tune back for details, or email your own chapter hosts to ask if they have any plans.

Thurs, Feb 19th - Washington, DC
Timberlake's, 1726 Connecticut Ave., NW
(Dupont Circle Metro).
6:30 Happy Hour; 7:30 Discussion
No cover charge.

Sat, Feb 28th - Chicago
A night of comedy, music & the Nation Guide
No Exit Cafe - 6970 N Glenwood Ave
with special guests Rick Perlstein ("Nixonland")
and Tracy Van Slyke (the Media Consortium)
Comedy by James Fritz, Carrie Callahan,
the Accountants of Homeland Security
Music by Lauren Maul
Political Cartoons by Matthew Filipowicz
(, Huffington Post)

Coming soon - New York City