I'm sick of it. As a teacher on college campuses I should not have a plan in mind for avoiding gunfire.

But I do.

Especially yesterday and today. As an Organizer I was at Temple yesterday, passing armed police and overly aware security guards, students and teachers. And empty classes.

And today, on my way to class, I hear there was a gunman at CCP.

Thankfully he was caught and no one was hurt. But rather than thinking about how to present Ancient Greece in an interesting and engaging way, I'm imagining myself blocking an unlockable door to protect my students from a shooter.

But this kind of stress is unnecessary. The solution is simple: Hawaii has strict gun regulations and fewer gun deaths whereas Alaska has lax gun regulations and high gun deaths.

We don't need to look to Europe. We have the solution, but idiots in the Republican Party refuse to save lives.

I'm not talking about taking yer guns away. No one has ever said that.

Take the following statement from the hallowed 2nd Amendment: "a well regulated Militia." We no longer have Militias (at least any worth trusting to defend the country), so we ignore that part, but there's no reason we should also ignore the "well regulated" part and yet we do.

And if you bring up Mental Health in the debate, which I think is fair, then we need to revamp our healthcare system. John Oliver nails that side of the debate. Which is hard to do.

But changing our gun laws shouldn't be that hard. Lives are at stake, and the door to my classroom does not lock.

So there will be no official hosts tonight (at least not until later) but you'll be there, right?

Sincerely the other Dave

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