The French Connection

A series of attacks in Paris and Beirut,
and other actions by the Daesh extremists,
have resonated around the world,
connecting us in shock, outrage, and morning.

For many Americans, "France's 9/11"
connects with us viscerally: our horror that day,
our gratitude for the outpouring of global support,
and our shame at the mistakes made in the years that followed.

Now, the Republicans whose fierce anti-France views
once led to the creation of "Freedom Fries"
seek to reconnect to "America's oldest ally"
in order to beat the drums for a brand, new war.

And the symbol that connects us to France the most,
the Statue of Liberty, shines a little more dimly,
as conservatives seek to shut out refugee families
fleeing the same violence whose victims we mourn.

We approach a Thanksgiving holiday,
while Congress tries to deny many a place at the table.
And Republicans demonize Middle East refugees
on the brink of the holiday season that celebrates
the most famous Middle Eastern orphan of them all.

Whether you're feeling, "We are all French,"
or want to shout, "Isn't America still America?"
it's undoubtedly a week shaped by our French connection,
and a time that will lead to lively conversations
at next week's Thanksgiving table.

In the meantime, join a lively conversation
to meet, mourn, learn, lift spirits and share libations
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

The history is repeated,

The history is repeated, constantly, sometimes on different continents but it's all the same as human nature is all about showing someone their superiority and dominance. - one lecturer's blog