The Case of the Curious Caucus

How wild will right-wing voters run,
will Trump triumph or be lumped,
will Cruz cruise or will he lose,
and how many of the GOP menagerie
won't make it past Monday's caucus?

Will Hillary prevail and Bernie fail,
or will Bernie sail and Hill flail,
and can Martin go any more stale,
and how will the media spin the tale?

Will revolutionary energy rise
or party bosses push back?
And will a handful of folks in Iowa
on a cold night in February
really help decide the next president?

And when the Iowa Caucuses are over
will Santorum, Huckabee and Carson vanish?
Or, no longer trapped in Iowa, does it mean
we'll suddenly see them everywhere?!

It's a confounding, convoluted,
cacophonous, crazy, kooky,
confusing case of a most curious caucus.

And Michael Bloomberg's loving every moment of it.

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