Who's On First? Everybody's In Second!

Trump lost then won, Cruz rose then stopped,
Rubio called third a win, then flopped,
Jeb muddled in the middle, Christie and Fiorina dropped
and by coming in second, Kasich came out on top.

Hillary, the long-time frontrunner, now seems
ready for a long fight, and to enjoy the underdog spot,
while Bernie wrestles to retain outsider status
though after a yuuuuuge night in NH, a longshot he’s not.

In tonight’s Democratic debate both Sanders and Clinton
will fight like they have something to prove.
And on Saturday’s Republican stage,
a whole bunch of folks will try to claim second place.

Who’s on first? Nobody can say.
But claiming to be in second is in style these days.

Watch and wonder, laugh and learn,
as we debate, discuss and drink liberally
at your local progressive social club.

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