Other Liberallies

Talking Liberally
Share ideas, values and a few choice words with our series of interviews, forums and discussions.[email protected]

Thinking Liberally
A way to learn, study, debate and write as we share liberal values and further progressive conversation[email protected]

Blogging Liberally
Promoting the best progressive voices online -- to our network and from our network.[email protected]

Leading Liberally
A network of those who are becoming leaders in their community, promoting progressive values and even running for office.[email protected]

Working Liberally
Helping people find, keep and improve their working life[email protected]

Loving Liberally
Finding the right match for your bleeding heart.[email protected]

Playing Liberally
Because politics shouldn't be all work.[email protected]

Praying Liberally
Meet up with local liberals from a wide range of faiths including, as Rev. Daniel Schultz so excellently phrases it, "those whose deepest faith is in the conviction that there is no God," to talk politics, say a collective prayer for "the least of these" in our world, and build community to organize around our common causes. To start a chapter, email [email protected]

Crafting Liberally
No need to craft in the shadows! Bring your needlework, jewelry, scrapbooks and whatever else you're putting your hands to into the light, and join a circle of fellow left-leaners for craft and conversation. To start a chapter, email [email protected]

    Shooting Liberally
    A social gathering ready to arm you for an evening of progressive target practice. Perfect for the First Amenment enthusiast ready to go to Second. To start a chapter, email [email protected]