Re-Open Rudy's Backyard!

We believe that the backyard of Rudy's Bar and Grill in Hell's Kitchen has been unfairly closed by the City. This is hurting the business, its employees and its customers. Sign below to send a letter to the Commissioner of Buildings, the Mayor, the Speaker of City Council and the Borough President, asking them to help resolve this situation promptly... and re-open Rudy's!

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(Text of the letter below)

Robert LiMandri
Commissioner, NYC Department of Buildings

CC: Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn
Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer

Dear Commissioner LiMandri -

We are requesting your attention toward a matter affecting Rudy's Bar and Grill, at 627 Ninth Ave between 44th and 45th Streets in Manhattan. We are asking for your help to expedite the steps that will lift the stop-work order and allow Rudy's to re-open its backyard.

Rudy's -- a small business with a long history in Hell's Kitchen -- has become ensnared in a tangle of confusion, misunderstanding and red tape. This situation has closed the backyard, one of the bar's greatest features. It has hurt an establishment with long community ties and deep neighborhood support.

More importantly, it's hindering the fortunes of a small business, and thus the livelihood of those that work there.

In December, the backyard was closed down as Rudy's commenced building a proper fire exit to comply with City laws and safety standards. After receiving permits for an approved plan from your department, Rudy's began the work. Shortly thereafter, they received a stop-work order, and were told that a "routine audit" of the work had begun--and that construction could only resume upon completion of the audit.

This "routine audit" has translated into a series of delays, excuses and miscommunications from your office that has resulted in the backyard remaining closed for 7 months. Despite the best efforts of the venue's management, they cannot seem to resolve matters with your department and, frustratingly, construction continues to be delayed beyond reason.

This is hurting the bar's business which in turn hurts the jobs of those who work there. It's a detriment to our neighborhood, and it's an example of how hard it is for small businesses to function and thrive here in New York City.

Please look into this case at once. We ask that you bring the necessary parties together, without delay, to expedite the lifting of the stop-work order and let Rudy's get back to work so their backyard can reopen again.


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