Tipping Liberally

Living Liberally has grown to 250 chapters around the country - but we're still largely supporting it in the way we did when we were just a small group in a backyard in Manhattan.

It's an all-volunteer staff that supports that network, and we pay all our costs through the small contributions of our members and chapters. Those costs include:
* Enough server space, domain fees and assorted web costs to facilitate a network that sends 1.2 million emails a year, to 60,000 subscribers.
* Legal fees (even a scrappy grassroots organization needs a lawyer for the basic issues).
* Buttons that we send at subsidized rates to our chapters, so they can promote the organization.

The list of expenses goes on. Plus, with a little money we could take advantage of opportunities to help all chapters around the country:
* Send better giveaways and speakers to your chapter.
* Improve email services.
* Implement the dozens of great programming ideas we hear from chapters every week.

Can you help us out? You already tip your bartender and waiter…please tip Drinking Liberally today. We promise our service will be worth the gratuity.

You can contribute directly to our PayPal Account:

Or you can give it to your host, and they'll pass it along our way.

We’ll post on the site what we’ve received from each chapter so you know where your money is going…and how generous your chapter has been.

Thanks – and keep promoting democracy one pint at a time!

Want to see who's else has donated? Visit our Thanks For The Tip page.

Want to learn more about supporting LL on a regular, automated basis? Check out our donations page.

Please note that Living Liberally is an LLC. We are not a 501c3 nor a PAC, so support is not tax-deductible, nor does it qualify as political giving.