FISA Fight Update

Today, our friends over at Firedoglake ran a full page ad in the Washington Post, paid for by their Blue America PAC and PAC through grassroots donations, protesting the new FISA bill.

In 2006, the New York Times won the Pulitzer Prize for exposing Bush's illegal NSA spying program. That scandal will fade away this week with the Democratic-led Congress protecting the lawbreakers, covering-up what was done and retroactively legalizing many of the surveillance crimes that were committed.

In the U.S., punishment for lawbreaking is only for "the little people." This country has the largest prison population of any in the world, imprisoning over 2.3 million citizens. But when high-level members of the political establishment commit crimes -- Richard Nixon, the Iran-Contra criminals, Lewis Libby, and the engineers of Bush's illegal spying and torture programs -- the Washington Establishment protects their elite and exempts them from the rule of law.

This week's FISA "revisions" cement this two-tiered system of justice. The nation's largest telecoms broke our spying laws for years, but Congress, awash in telecom money and influence, is about to give them retroactive lawbreaking license.

Why? Because although a crime is a crime when common Americans commit it, the Washington Establishment justifies crimes that are committed by their own as benign "policy disputes" -- or crimes committed "for our own Good."

The fight to preserve the individual liberties that the FISA act would compromise has led groups like Blue America and Color of Change to start working with former Ron Paul supports and other pretty strangebedfellows, which is what they are calling themselves through the Accountability Now PAC.

On August 8th Strangebedfellows is organizing a MONEYBOMB, a day when many many people participate in an act of synchronized donating, to a cause, in this case the Accountability Now PAC, in an effort to make news and show the people in people in power that the American people are holding them accountable for their votes on the FISA bill.

August 8th also happens to be the day when Richard Nixon resigned from the office of the Presidency after breaking the law by using illegal surveillance methods.

On a similar note, Blue America just launched a click to call tool so that you can easily ask your Senator to support the Dodd-Feingold Amendment that would remove Retroactive Telecom Immunity from the the bill.