Why Support Us

When you support us financially, your contribution helps us threefold:

It helps us create new Drinking Liberally chapters throughout the United States and beyond, building the social arm of the progressive movement in conservative areas, and providing a home for blue-minded citizens in deep-red strongholds in all 50 states. It takes time and money for us to field new chapters, orient their hosts, build their webpages, host their mailing lists, and provide care packages and special guest speakers. We keep costs as low as we possibly can, but with new chapters added every week, it adds up very quickly.

It allows us to continue hosting the 250 chapters that already exist, including yours. Living Liberally remains the same grassroots progressive project it was six years when it first met in an old dive bar in Hell's Kitchen. The only thing that's changed is the number of chapters we have to host and serve. This takes:
- Enough server space, domain fees and assorted web costs to facilitate a network that sends 1.2 million emails a year, to 60,000 subscribers.
- Buttons that we send as a starter pack to every new chapter, subsidizing the cost when you want more.
- Legal fees (even a scrappy grassroots organization needs a lawyer for the basic issues).

When we have our basic funding covered, we can take advantage of opportunities to help every chapter do more. With a little more money on top of our basic operating costs, we could:
- Send better giveaways and speakers to your chapter.
- Improve email services.
- Implement the dozens of great programming ideas we hear from chapters every week.

Our costs are still phenomenally low for a national network of our size, and Living Liberally is virtually unique among progressive membership-based networks in not having any kind of initial fees for starting, or joining a chapter. We're asking for your contribution so we can keep doing just that.

Please note that Living Liberally is an LLC. We are not a 501c3 nor a PAC, so support is not tax-deductible, nor does it qualify as political giving.