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Trump's Not the Only One on Trial

The Senate prepares to put Trump on trial
with most Republicans ready to cover up
despite new evidence every day
of widespread crimes & corruption.

Giuliani's henchman spills the beans,
Ukraine opens its own investigation,
a majority of U.S. wants witnesses
yet McConnell coordinates with Trump
to push for a kangaroo court.

While Murkowski, Romney & others
are open to needing witnesses,
others like Susan Collins, Martha McSally
go out of their way to defend Trump
& act as McConnell apologists.

Next week, it's not just Trump on trial --
the Republicans are on trial as well
& whether they remember
they took an oath of office.

And for the trial of the GOP,
we all get to be the judge.

Talk politics, bring your passion,
share pints and see pals
at your local progressive social club.


Trump's War

Trump brings us to the brink of war
with an illegal, senseless escalation
that made the world hold its breath.

McConnell colludes with Trump
to rig the impeachment trial
& refuses to guarantee witnesses
or even pretend to be impartial.

Australia faces devastating fires,
the latest dramatic example
of our climate in crisis --
while the GOP repeals & rejects
more environmental protections.

Trump nearly provoked
a new, all-consuming war on Iran.
In the meantime, he continues his wars
on reason, science, the Constitution
& the American people.

What a week -- you deserve a drink
& company to share what you think
at your local progressive social club.

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Is Our Vision 2020?

We ended 2019 with twitter tirades,
lies, boasts, threats, bullying
& everything we've come to expect
...and also with a majority of Americans
ready to remove Trump from office.

We ended 2019 with McConnell
fast-tracking judges,
rigging the impeachment trial
...and with Murkowski speaking up
& Kentucky voters ready for change.

We ended 2019 with corporate greed
climate catastrophes, immigrant deaths
& acts of global authoritarianism
...and with a growing younger generation
standing, marching, fighting
for for a different future.

So do we start 2020
with a right-wing vision for the world?
Or are we seeing things more clearly
and promising 2020 vision
that will offer hope & progress?

Welcome to a new decade.
As we greet the new year,
let's battle the old drear
& find new reason to cheer.

Share hopes, fears & pints of beers
at your local progressive social club.

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The Real War on Christmas

Celebrating the birth of a child
born to a poor, refugee mother,
while the administration
cages kids, criminalizes refugees
& cruelly attacks the poor.

As we cheer the reformations
of Scrooge and The Grinch
& the kindness of George Bailey,
GOP greed steals holiday cheer
& corporations cheer Mr. Potter.

From Rudolph to Charlie Brown,
tales of selflessness & kindness.
From Trump's tweets,
combativeness & self-aggrandizement.

The right-wing's obsessed
with "The War on Christmas."
Maybe they should actually
read the stories of Christmas.

Toast holiday cheer & political drear
as you overcome fear & enjoy a beer
at your local progressive social club.

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Inhumane. Infamous. IMPEACHED.

The House of Representatives
for the third time in history
impeached a sitting president.

Trump will still lie & attack,
lash out at rallies & on twitter,
provoke violence & inflame hate.

Republicans will still cower,
defending & enabling Trump,
trampling on the Constitution,
cementing their infamy in history.

Democrats will still need pressure
to stop buckling on spending deals,
to stop cautious, centrist language,
to truly embrace & use their power.

And our nation still has crises
from fighting climate change
to promoting a just economy,
from uprooting white supremacy
to standing with immigrants
& so much more that Trump
continues to make worse daily.

But for now, Democrats stood up,
the House did its duty,
& the irresponsible, idiotic,
ignorant, inhumane, indecent
man in the White House will forever
infamously have a new I-word:

Now, let's work on convicted,
removed, defeated & disgraced.

Toast the Constitution, roast the White House
& rejoice with like-minded lefties
at your local progressive social club.

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Lowering the Barr

As Trump's GOP chases conspiracies
& lashes out at US agencies & public servants,
AG Barr stands out as uniquely pernicious
in his political attacks on the IG report
& declarations that Trump's above the law.

Republicans in Congress repeat lies,
propagate Russian disinformation,
are willing to threaten our elections
to defend Donald ... and the bar's so low,
we aren't even surprised anymore.

Trump politicizes anti-semitism
for the agenda of right-wing anti-semites,
conservative media mocks Greta Thunberg,
the admin expands family detention
... & it's come to feel like par for the course.

As the GOP behaves in the image of Trump,
we keep lowering the bar for what's accepted.
We need to raise the bar of political discourse
& remove Barr, Trump & the GOP.

Meanwhile, Dems who are or woo billionaires
push a centrist lane in the primary
& Dems in DC simultaneously impeach Trump
yet support his trade deals & military spending a higher bar for Democrats is warranted too.

Endless topics, boundless cheer, bottomless pitchers,
if you come to think, drink, discuss & delight
at your local progressive social club.

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U.S Hearings vs. GOP Listening

The Intelligence Committee report
outlines crimes & corruption by Trump
based on compelling, public hearings.
The GOP response is based on
conspiracy theories & Putin talking points.

The Judiciary Committee hearings
elevated Constitutional scholars.
The GOP invested in roll call votes,
faux outrage & parliamentary grievances.

We're hearing the GOP slash food stamps,
attack immigrants, flail on the world stage.
Trump is just listening to Fox News ...
& to world leaders laughing at him.

And Dems have passed hundreds of bills
that the GOP won't hold a hearing on.

All the hearings in the world come up short
if the GOP just won't listen.

But impeachment & elections
will get their attention.

Harris exits the field, the GOP exits reality
& we come closer to exiting this decade,
giving much to discuss & debate
at your local progressive social club.

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I Beg Your Pardon?

After two weeks of damning hearings,
more evidence of Trump lies,
Nunes conflicts, White House obstruction
... yet the GOP's begging Trump's pardon
for this Constitutional inconvenience.

Courts order McGahn to testify,
convict Roger Stone of 7 counts
& other officials hold their breath
prepping to obstruct for Trump
& hoping for a pardon on the other end.

Meanwhile, Trump overrules Navy brass
as he pardons & absolves war criminals,
then begs them to join his campaign.

On Thanksgiving, a turkey's pardoned.
In Trumpland, every turkey,
chicken-hawk & vulture
is looking for a pardon of their own.

And as Trump begs the Senate for a pardon,
our only reply to the GOP apologists
is "I beg your pardon?"
But we won't be begging or pardoning
when it's judgement day next November.

With holiday spirit, convene & converse
with a cozy cohort of comrades
at your local, progressive social club.

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