Before You Contact Us...

While Living Liberally includes tens of thousands of active members, it's all held together by a very small volunteer staff. To cut down on our volunteers' workload, we ask that you double-check here before emailing us, to see if your question is addressed.

Check out these frequently-asked questions -- if they don't help, there's a contact link at the bottom of the page.

Q: How can I find which chapters are nearby? When do they meet?

A: Check out the Drinking Liberally map on our homepage. It has links to each of our state pages, which include both a list of the chapters in your state, and an automatically generated google map where you can narrow it down geographically.

Every chapter page should include the chapter's regular meeting time and place - if you're not seeing that information on the chapter page, let us know.

Q: I'm running for office (or work for someone who is), and I want to make a campaign stop at a Liberally chapter. Is this kosher? How would I go about this?

A: Any speaker on any topic can visit any Liberally chapter, and bring materials, resources, sign-up sheets, etc. (This includes candidates, elected officials and representatives of advocacy groups and other organizations.) The Liberally chapter simply can not endorse or fundraise for any candidate, party or partisan organization.

If you want to arrange for a campaign-related stop at a chapter, just reach out to the chapter leadership - there's contact information for the hosts on every chapter page, which you can find via our Drinking Liberally map.

Q: I have an event or promotional opportunity I want to collaborate on with a Liberally chapter. How should I go about this?

A: Great! Generally speaking, the only people you need to be in touch with are the local chapter hosts. Just reach out to the chapter leadership - there's contact information for the hosts on every chapter page, which you can find via our map.

Q: Where can I order Liberally t-shirts, mugs, beer steins and other merchandise?

A: You can purchase all these fine items at our online store Please not, fulfillment takes place in the final week of each month, so you can expect orders to arrive the first week of the subsequent month. If you need an order more quickly, email us through the contact form to discuss rush charges.

Q: I'm a chapter host, and I want to add or remove co-hosts to my chapter.

A: Just email us directly, either with the information we've provided you or through the link at the bottom of this page, with the names and email addresses of the hosts being added and removed.

Q: I have an idea for a great new Liberally project. How do I get it on the website?

A: Awesome! When someone comes to us with the idea for a new Liberally program, be it Biking Liberally, or Dancing Liberally, or Blogging Liberally, we ask that they first hold at least one regular chapter meeting, to see how it goes. If the first meeting takes place and you want to continue meeting at least once a month on a regular basis, than let us know on the Start A Chapter page.

Q: I'm interested in an internship with Living Liberally - are there any available?

A: When internships or special project opportunities arise, we first post them on, and generally not on the website.

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