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Laughing Liberally: Proud To Be An American

On this Independence Day, Laughing Liberally celebrates America -- the good, bad and ridiculous.

Laughing Liberally - Promo


Laughing Liberally opening video

Laughing Liberally at Town Hall opening video.

Laughing Liberally - 8min Promo

When it comes to politics, sometimes it's just better to laugh. Laughing Liberally is a high-energy comedy show uses humor and laughter to spread understanding of liberal ideas...and skewer everyone in sight! No topic and nobody is safe -- the American military, gun control, recently-indicted politicians and gay rights are all up for grabs. These performers-turned-pundits spare no expense as they take on the nation. Laughing Liberally has audiences thinking liberally while rolling in the aisles. Don't miss this one-night political joyride! (www.laughingliberally.com)

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