The Silent Minority

Democrats move forward on impeachment
for Trump's continued attempts to coerce
foreign govs into US election interference.
And Republicans remain silent.

Pompeo was at Trump's Ukraine call.
Pence was part of the blackmail.
Barr was part of the cover-up.
And Republicans remain silent.

Trump suggested shooting immigrants,
considered border moats and spikes
& also slashes food stamps.
And Republicans remain silent.

An American majority supports impeachment,
more support conviction than oppose it,
while Trump doubles-down on attacks,
threats, lies, bribes, crimes & corruption ...
& suggests his supporters may get violent.
And Republicans remain silent.

Nixon once spoke of a silent majority.
Trump, the Nixon of a new era,
holds the reins of a silent minority.

Now it's time for him to go the way of Nixon
or the way the majority is ready to send him.

Much to talk about, gawk about,
cheers, jeers & share beers about
at your local progressive social club.


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