Weekend Cat Blogging

...because when times are hard, you need a little feline fun. Check out YouTube sensation Broccoli Kitten:

Over at Daily Kos, in the comments thread on a "Frugal Fridays" dairy on how to eat cheaply, KateCrashes posted this pic of a "pootie" who doesn't share Broccoli Kitten's fondness for veggies, under the caption "I HAZ SOM WORREEZ":

Finally--or, rather, "finily"--who knew that the eternally earnest economist/NY Times columnist Paul Krugman has a weakness for lolcats? Krugman flew to Sweden last week to receive his well-deserved Nobel Prize, and blogged about feeling guilty that he didn't have time to blog about the auto bailout and Obama's stimulus plan. He illustrated the post with the image below: