About Living Liberally

Living Liberally is dedicated to creating communities around progressive politics. Through social networks and events, we promote political engagement, and facilitate collaboration among progressive organizations. In your everyday routine and social life, you can be Living Liberally.

We believe that our political identity should be part of our regular lives. Too often politics is restricted to one day every four years, or too long, uninviting meetings in fluorescent-lit, linoleum-floored rooms.

Instead, we take our politics where we gather, socialize, learn, love and live. We create easy entryways into progressive political involvement, where you can find a community that shares your values.

In-person contact is the key to cultivating this social capital. Living Liberally is built upon networks of local gatherings -- from weekly meetings in bars to groups screenings of progressive films. These projects include:

Drinking Liberally - our national network of social clubs

Laughing Liberally - our political comedy project

Screening Liberally - our politically-conscious film series

Eating Liberally - our gatherings of good gab and great grub

Talking Liberally - our interviews and forums featuring progressive ideas

Reading Liberally - our book tours of progressive authors

We have also had special events including: Rocking Liberally (music), Singing Liberally (karaoke), Podcasting Liberally (online radio shows),Loving Liberally (Valentine's Day), Bowling Liberally (better than "Bowling Alone"), Cycling Liberally and more...

And more recently, Crafting Liberally kicked off in New York, and Shooting Liberally invited First Amendment enthusiasts to try their hands at the Second.

Have an idea for an activity you want to do Liberally? Let us know.

Who is behind Living Liberally?

Living Liberally is a New York-based LLC, fueled by the volunteer energy of hundreds of friends and partners around the country.

Living Liberally formed from a marriage between Cosmopolity and Drinking Liberally, and used to be known simply as Cosmopolity. The previous Cosmopolity -- which created the online calendar and organized social events to create easy access into political engagement. Living Liberally was founded by David Alpert, Katrina Baker, Matthew O'Neill, and Justin Krebs. Drinking Liberally began as a gathering in the backyard of a Hell's Kitchen dive bar in 2003.